Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It’s not Right, its Not Wrong, It Just Is!!
I love this string of words, as it is so basic yet so complex. It is also very TRUE!!!!
Recently my interactions, in the world of people, have caused me to pause and repeat this phrase over and over again. So I got to thinking, what is it? Where is the self judgment coming from? Why the sadness of what isn’t? Why the need to control situation and others? Why the criticism of others actions? Why all the confusion?

My heart pours love out to these wonderful people with love and understanding. My desire and energy is focused on creating sacred space to open up to themselves to their heart to listen to what the music is telling them. The music of life, experience, life learning’s and listening to what key adjustments need to be made to live life like a beautiful arrangement of music. Flowing, full of excitement for each new day, loving self, loving the people in their life, loving the places you go. Confidence in making the right decisions that serves the higher purpose! 
Remember Life is meant to be LIVED; Life shouldn’t LIVE YOU!

Consider rewriting the arrangement of music that allows loving the people in your lives, places and things that need to be let go.   That is the hardest piece of music to write as is the lyrics.
The lyrics could begin with “Oh no not again”, “How did I get here”, “Why can’t I see”? , “I can’t” or perhaps “How do I begin to live again”? Whatever the music or lyrics, the change is as easy as a stroke of a key.

Change the arrangement let’s add in percussion! Fresh new Lyrics! Lighten it up and know that:
“Who you are is Good Enough”

Remember the choices made were right at the time, times change and so does the musical arrangement.

Not Right, Not Wrong, it just is.

Remember that you have the Power, the ability to change whatever you like to see changed in your life.
Remember you are stronger than you think you are- you are the energy that transcends all!

Remember, coming from a place of love there is no right or wrong, no judgment.
Make the decision you need to make to be happy, full of joy, full of anticipation and to be YOU!

Remember, when changing the arrangement or lyrics making changes with love can heal both parties and the entire situation.  Sometimes someone just needs to play the first note.
May the Music play inside of you and project the true essence of living a full Life, Laughter and Love You, Love Life and Enjoy each day for what it is!

Not right, not wrong, it just is!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Double Sticks"

January 11th - " Happy New Year Everyone"

Specifically posted today, a day that I call “double sticks”!

I love double sticks days, as it is a reminder to keep all things in balance as well as a positive perspective. My first double sticks day begins January 11th and continues each month on the 11th!
Growing up I always thought New Year’s resolutions were an exercise of defeating self. I would watch parents of my friends write them out and begin their chance to change their world with sincerity. Amazingly I was never disappointed to learn that within a month or so those so important resolutions were already gone and no longer hanging on the refrigerator! Remember smiling to myself thinking of all the time I saved while feeling really sad observing the parents feeling defeated.
Double Sticks:             Balance: Happy and Sad
So what do I do? 
 I consciously decided that my New Year date for all things new would be January 11th!
When starting out in my professional career I decided to identify two behaviors or responses that I wanted to “shift” in my life. Initially it was really elementary and more of a challenge for me to maintain consistency and not feeling defeated after a month. What I found was that by implementing small changes in response or thinking, I shifted the way I saw things which in turn shifted responses to me, couldn’t help but notice the difference!
This new “tradition” for me started out small. An example would be:
Smile in the face of distress.
Laugh when something unexpected happened
(Such as a flat tire or broken glass).

As time progressed I began to add positive perspective along with the “shifting sticks”.  So if I broke my favorite flower vase, first I would get over being stunned, then laugh and tell myself, “oh well, guess I didn’t need this anymore, time to go shopping for a new one”.
Someone I was dating would decide that I wasn’t the one- sure I would be upset then again depending on who it was as sometimes I was relieved! I would balance the sticks by shifting perspective to what fun and adventure awaited me in dating land!
Simplistic examples but true examples of how “Double Sticks” started for me.
The evolution has resulted in a longer list ranging from varying degrees of shifting based on where I am in my life and what needs to be balanced to stay healthy, happy, inspired, energized along with Love of Self and others.
It works! It's FUN!!!
As chopsticks work to bring nourishment to us “Double Sticks” thinking works to balance our lives.
Shifting how we think, even small thoughts can make a huge impact on each of us in many facets of our lives. So what area(s) for the New Year would you like to shift to bring balance into your life?
“Double sticks” can take on a new approach based your needs or desires. Still balanced but perhaps shifting to re-enforce already put in place programs or affirmations.

Thinking young versus Thinking old
Glass is half full versus Half Empty
Everything is a lesson versus why is this happening
Abundance is a positive attitude instead of the amount in bank

During Time for you, Think about how “double sticks” can positively empower and make 2012 a Fabulous Year! There really is so much to be excited and passionate about for this year!
Wishing each of you a year full of excellent Health, Joyful Life, Abundance, an open heart and mind to embrace all the infinite possibilities this year has in store for each of us!