Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Summer transitions into Fall on Friday, a new season a new perspective!  The fall transition brings new temperatures, the ability to bring out different clothes as well as the opportunity for new beginnings!
Recently I have had clients, family members and myself on the cusp or in the middle of a new beginning. A transition of varying degrees, yet a transition, so I got to thinking are these changes due to the time of year or just a natural life progression?  What do you think? At least it’s worth a few moments to ponder!
One of the exciting aspects of life is that it is ever transitioning; events, people, activities, experiences, you get the picture. There is something about a new season, new opportunities, new experiences that is just plain exciting!
Here are some fun examples of how to have fun transitioning to a new season with a perspective twist!
*      Those summer clothes- before putting them away for the season:
o   Didn’t wear something- time to sell or donate
o   Clears out space and allows a shopping adventure in spring!
o   Clearing space allow the energy to flow
*      Review your schedule – feel overloaded? 
o   Review what’s a benefit, fulfilling, brings you joy – keep it
o   What no longer is necessary or doing “just because I don’t want to let them down” – time to open up that space. Chances are if you are feeling “ I go because I committed, if you aren’t there fully then you are doing both yourself and the organization a disservice”
o   Free time!! – time for you to now keep that open for you or family
*      Empty Nester? Ah, “big time” transition- embrace the feelings move through the emotions and:
o   Embrace that you have done a fabulous job as a parent
o   Time to kick up your heels and experience something fun for you!
o   You’ve done an incredible job – Celebrate! Connect with yourself, your passion the things that have been dormant.
o   Rearrange furniture, paint. Replace current photos in frames with more current ones.
o   Pick up the phone and call someone you have wanted to call but didn’t have the time!
o   Reconnect with people, activities and yourself
This one is a big transition, I can remember my mom telling me years later; when I left for college she sat in my closet and cried. Broke my heart, but she dealt with the emotions, never told me until twenty some years later! Transitioning for both of us allowed us to have a larger, deeper relationship as two women!
*      Foods- salads, greens, eating healthy are important, but there is something wonderful about the fall foods that taste so yummy!!! The stews, the breads, the sausages, the wings! OK, you get the picture! Enjoy the transition, stay active and incorporate the healthy veggies and food items that we need, but embrace the fall to enjoy some heartier comfortable foods!
*      Festivals! Apples festivals especially- apple butter, apple pie, hayrides. Find one in and around your area and enjoy in the festivities! Fun Fun Fun!
*      Leaf Peeping – better known as fall foliage, especially on the East Coast. Take a day trip or weekend and find an area that you can enjoy the changing of the colors!
*      Plan a vacation- March is always a great time to get away; another transition period. Where do you want to go? Never too early to plan a vacation getaway.
*      Business owner, a great time to assess first three quarters, where are you in the plan? Adjust accordingly and set plans in place to bring in a strong fourth quarter!
Transition is part of life, how we chose to deal with transition is a matter of perspective, time for me now to wish you a positive perspective on a fulfilling, loving and joyous transition!
“Embracing transition allows me to live my life passionately and have control over me”cl

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time for Me Now Inspiration ~ Confusion

Is it the upcoming transition from summer to fall?   Perhaps it is the Full Moon?
 What is with all the swirling confusion going on lately?  Do you feel it or have friends that are in a state of confusion?  Do you have questions on transition, recent events or what should I do next?
Enough already, right?  My recent experiences have demonstrated that there is a lot of energy swirling out there that is having an impact on so many people.  The impact of our indecision and confusion can lead to the emotions of feeling anxiety and stress.  Who enjoys those feelings? I certainly don’t, how about you?
The symbolism that came to mind was of the dragonfly. The confusion state or concern over making a decision or determining next steps tends to invoke a sense of distrust within ourselves.  A sense that we don’t have the answers when we actually do! Sometimes the answer is buried so far deep because of the confusion of outside influences or the need to please others. STOP!!! TAKE A DEEP BREATH!! LET IT GO….
First, you do have the answer, that’s right! Trust yourself, take the situation, problem or question, and write it down on paper. Walk away, do something fun or just do something to get your body moving and vibration higher. Then when you are ready walk back and take a look at what you have written.
What is the first answer to the question that comes up?  There it is, it is that simple……. Ahhh, but no you say it can’t be because blah blah blah…. I get it!! I really do, I use to be a huge processor from way back.  If I do this, then here are all the scenarios of outcome, if I don’t then blah blah blah, you get it. 
Yes, it is always good to invoke due diligence however once all facts are in play, it is what your “gut”, your heart, your intuition speaks to you- the answer is right in the center of your soul – trust you!
Back to the dragonfly! The message of the dragonfly is that there is a deeper message coming to the surface, to pay attention to what outcome we want to have. The dragonfly symbolism is: Strength, Peace and Harmony….. 

Time for me now to wish you Strength, Peace and Harmony!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Foundation

September is my month to celebrate! Celebrate the ringing in of so many fun things to do, experience, transitions and set new opportunities in motion! Giving Gratitude and appreciation for the past 8 months!
Take a look at the yearly calendar, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec are on the bottom. My perspective is these months are the foundation of what has been put into place all the previous months.
September is the leader of the four months of my foundation to propel into the New Year!
So what have you been planning, working on? What seeds have you planted and nurtured over the past eight months? Fall is a time to harvest, to reap and to have FUN!
Assess where you are in your plan, make any adjustments that you might need and then enjoy! The rewards of hard work and tending to the plan have probably already begun to come into your life. Give Gratitude and continue with the forward progress to set in motion even more amazing results!
Sept is also a fun time of year and has many exciting and wonderful attributes!
*      Kids go back to school, Parents have more flexibility
*      College- transition from high school to new beginnings; Families adjust to the new dynamics
*      Adults going back to college- adjusting schedules to balance home, family and classes
*      Weather is a little crisper in the mornings and evenings; The feel and smell of change is in the air
*      Football!! Pee-Wee, High School, College, NFL- the excitement of hearing bands, watching the athletic ability of a child or cheering on the local small town team. Active discussions on who will win the Super bowl, whose team is #1
*      Communities come together- local festivities, local sporting events, charity runs
*      Apples, its the season!  Apples are in season- pick your own, festivities, hayrides, apple pie
September is exciting on so many levels! Fun family time, me time and time to transition into completing what was has been put into motion.
Enjoy the first day of foundation, the support of all things in our lives now and yet coming!
Breath in that crisp air, fill your lungs with all things possible and exhale all that is done or not needed!
Time for me now to wish you a fabulous Sept 1.
May your day be exhilarating, fun and the start of a great month receiving the harvest of all your efforts!
“This day strengthens my foundation for all things achieved and for future desires of achievement”. CL