Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration ~ Dreams

“Dreams are the Gateway”:
So fling open the door and embrace all the beautiful opportunities and possibilities that are yours to enjoy!
Lately, it seems that the conversations, questions, email marketing and clients are talking about or surrounded by the word Dreams!
Dreams – the definition of “Dream” means something different for each person.
“Having the dream job”, “Dream of owning a business”, “Finding the Dream Partner”, “Building my Dream Home” or “Achieving my Dreams”.
These are great examples of an aspiration, a longing to achieve what the dream is within each of us. All wonderful descriptions for the person who is dreaming of attaining their Goal!
Dreams also take a totally different definition through different variations of techniques. Let’s take the most obvious way of dreaming. Nighttime Dreaming!
Nighttime Dreaming is a series of sensations, images, emotions felt, and images that occur during certain stages of sleep. Dreams can also be experienced in length as well as just impressions left as images.
Where do these images or emotions come from? Is there a hidden meaning? Was it something I ate prior to going to sleep? Excellent questions!
First and foremost, the dreams are coming from deep within you!  That’s right, the images, emotions or scenes being played out are being played out to support, guide and provide direction. Yes, these dreams can also be a source in supporting your efforts to attain your “Dream …….”.  
Our Soul, the energy source of life, knows the truth: “The Soul Loves the Truth”…. When sleeping our “mind chatter” is quiet, there is no ego deflecting our creative thoughts or keeping us from success.  
Time for me now to suggest:
*       Keep a journal or paper/pen on your nightstand
*       Record time, images, feeling of the dream
*       Specific Images? Sitting on a staircase, notice top, bottom, middle; alone or someone with you?
o    In a house? Which room?
o    Images of nature, birds, dragons, animals; just there or what action is taking place?
*       Record each evening and then go back to review, is there a pattern?
Each position, each image, each activity has a meaning that is trying to send a message. So what is that message?
First and foremost, don’t be afraid! 
 Embrace the dream time as the answers that you are seeking or messages to get back on path!

Confused about the imagery or perhaps want to learn how to interpret your dreams? Click on the email for more information or to ask a question. It would be my pleasure to connect with you!

"Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all the You Desire"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration ~ Believe

One might be thinking, all I have are dark clouds coming toward me.
These clouds may be shaking you down to your core, the soul level.

The question may be:  How can I believe when my world is stagnant and clouded?
The belief or emotion is that there are no clear skies or relief in sight.
The Power of Belief is very strong in the Universe! Remember this truth!

“If you can Believe it you can Achieve it”?
Years ago just words, but experiences and belief have shown me that those 9 words are very powerful!
Believe in yourself, Believe in what you desire, Visualize and take Action to the things you want to achieve! Believe in the life you want to lead! It really is that simple! 

The Universal Law is that what we think about comes about; meaning if we think negative and “woe is me”, then guess what we get? That’s right more negative experiences!
Shift the mind set to Believing that you can!

Life can be a struggle, there are setbacks and disappointments. As much as we would like life to be all fun, carefree and happy, that is not reality. However, we need to acknowledge where we are, identify what lessons have been learned or assess what lessons you need to learn. Identify, give gratitude for the lesson, release and let go! Then focus on where you want to go, what you want to change, visualize, develop a plan and take action!
Past experiences do not reflect what the “now” or the future will be. Trust in yourself and your abilities to move from this place into the place and experiences you desire.

*      Identify issues (the dark clouds) and lessons to be learned

*      Give gratitude for the lessons, Release and Let go

*      Focus!!!  Identify exactly what you want and where you want to go

*      Identify actions that need to be taken to move toward your focus goals and desires

*      Move forward one step at a time toward your goals.

*      TAKE ACTION!!  This is important, action increases energy and vibration level.

*      Believe!!!  Believe in your goals, Believe in Yourself, Believe that you are not alone! You are loved!

"Believing in myself, Identifying my desires, Focus and taking Action allow the best to be Received"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Success

Success, what does that actually mean?  Do you measure it? What does it feel like?
Let’s see, a few years ago, actually a lot of years ago, getting a degree and holding that diploma meant Success! Then came landing my first real paying job with benefits!  Now that was a major success!
Over the years Success has evolved to mean many things, mostly a mind-set. There are many successes each day, some bigger than others. The feeling of success in reaching a goal, exceeded expectations of a client or learning a new skill still gets me really jazzed up.  Success propels motivation!
I have evolved to understand, especially the past three years, that success is also found in everyday life. Life as we knew through the 80’s and 90’s no longer exists. For some, that is a good thing, for most, it was definitely a shift in mindset and lifestyle. Success results from our inner wisdom and having control of ourselves, our space and our thoughts.
Congratulate yourself on your Success!
Success comes in various dimensions and in some of the smallest of feats.
So each day an accomplishment becomes a success. Should a circumstance, event or situation happen, assess and learn from this experience! Apply the lessons to propel your motivation toward getting where or what you want! Don’t get discouraged! Each minor victory is a reason to celebrate as you move closer to your goals, dreams and all that you desire in your life!
Success also gives so many gifts and blessings when we continue to stay in activity and move forward.
So how do you measure success? One step at a time!
Time for me now to remind you to celebrate each Success and to keep moving to all your desires!
“A terrace nine stories high begins with a pile of earth”   Lao-tzu

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Receive

Recently I was exploring an 1863 Mansion and the beautiful grounds of this magnificent estate.

The mansion is now a historical site and the grounds are a park for everyone to enjoy. As I was walking around there were many family reunions taking place as well as individual couples and families enjoying a picnic. The sounds of laughter, food being grilled, games being placed and children running around the area made for a great visit.

The mansion was a nice experience but doesn’t compare to my experience with two wonderful young ladies, ages 11and 13. While reading about farm equipment used back in 1863 I was approached by a young lady. She held out her hand with a leaf and a flower sitting in the middle of the leaf. She asked, would you like to have one of these?

The energy of excitement projected from her whole self and her voice, how could I say no?

So I accepted and thanked her. She ran back over to her friend who was sitting under a big oak tree making more of these beautiful “leaf gifts”. I heard her say, she took it and liked it!

I walked over there, sat on the ground with them and began a conversation. Turns out they were cousins there for a family reunion and they were bored! So they decided to “make something” that they could give away. Turns out they had asked several other people but “they didn’t want them”.  Sitting there for a few minutes saw the excitement in choosing the right flower to fit perfectly in the center of the leaf. The creativity, excitement and conversation were a joy to experience. Yes, I made sure to use positive words of encouragement and confidence as these young ladies were so fun, energetic and excited about their creative art class!

So as I was getting up to leave, I thanked them very much for selecting me to receive their gift; it was a beautiful birthday present. They shrieked with laughter and sang Happy Birthday!  What a fun experience! If I had not received the offer of their gift, I never would have met these fabulous creative teenagers or started my day with such pleasure and FUN!

*      Receiving provides opportunities to engage with others

*      Receiving allows the Giver to experience kindness, selflessness and appreciation

*      Receiving brings chance encounters; open doors

*      Receiving just plain feels good

Time for me now Inspiration is: the next time someone offers to give something or to give help be open to accepting.  Both the Giver and Receiver are rewarded in so many ways!

Dream, Believe Again and achieve all Your heart desires!