Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Funny how little things as a plug into a socket can bring up symbolism's of life. The other day I went to turn the lights on the bamboo tree in my office. Bending down, like I have so many other times, I flipped the switch.  Expecting the lights to immediately turn on imagine my surprise when the tree stayed dark.
My next move was to go to the light switch on the wall thinking I may have accidentally hit the switch leaving the office. Pressed the switch and still no glowing lights coming from within the branches of the tree. Once again, bent down and turned the switch on no light. Glancing over to the socket I did see, out of the corner of my eye, a plug in the socket. So I proceeded to go back to the switch on the wall, leaving the switch on the plant in the same position and pushed the wall switch. Nothing!

Bending down to assess the situation I noticed that though there was a plug in the wall socket. I also looked over to the multiple extension cord device, no plug. Fully satisfied that I had found the solution, I remembered I had pulled out the connection of the extension cord when leaving for several days last week.
I plugged the cord into the extension and immediately the light shined through the branches illuminating a soft glow into the room.

The light sparkled and illuminated the room creating a soft alluring atmosphere.

Then I got to thinking about how this situation could be a reflection of events in life.
The symbolism of being plugged into a situation, day to day life, business or perhaps an event going on in life around us. Plugged in but not connected, meaning being aware of all around us yet not really plugged into the core of the situation, not actively participating.

Here are some questions that I asked myself, perhaps these may resonate within for further exploration:
1.      Is there an area of my life that is not fully connected?  Where? (list)

2.      What activities in these areas of my life are not connecting? (list the activities under the areas)

3.      Are these areas/activities still relevant?  ( Yes/No)

4.      If yes, what is the next step to connect and be totally plugged in?

5.      If no, then you know what the next step needs to be and the timing.

Time for me now to wish you a fully connected week of illumination and sparkle!

“ Plug in, Connect and feel the warmth of illumination ignite an inner sparkle that transform” cl


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our light shines brightly!

"Glowing Bright and Strong through our New Growth"
Today is a very special day as it is my Mother’s Birthday!

Celebrating this day for the beautiful life, friendship and unconditional love that she has given to me, my siblings and my father! Her garden was planted many years ago and her nurturing, love and radiant self continues to bloom and shine brightly after all these years. “Happy Birthday Mom”

This is also a day that some people look forward to with passion and exhilaration! Believe it or not there are some people who actually do not get excited about cold weather, snow and gray cloud covering.

So for those folks, who love winter, enjoy the season activities while the last few remnants of winter linger. Enjoy fearlessly and capture every moment possible that brings you happiness and joy!

Fling open the windows, begin to plan the garden and plant those seeds! Planting seeds at the turn of the New Year are also beginning to take shape for the goals or planned preparation!
As in any planting there needs to be time and attention given to what is expected to blossom and flourish.

So I asked myself recently, have I been tending to my seeds of vision? Have I been staying in activity?

1. Ponder those questions for yourself as you review your garden grid for 2012.
2. Place a check next to those items that you have tended over the past three months.
3. If no action or activities on a grid item place a dash instead of a check mark
4. So each item should have a check or a dash next to it; so there is at least some activity on each level
5. The dash items- assess whether these are still relevant to the overall goal or achievements you desire; perhaps the item needs to be updated, merged with another agenda item or eliminated as it just isn’t important to what you are trying to accomplish for 2012
6. The checked items- Congratulate yourself and Celebrate!
7. Checked items- identify what activity need to be tilled to sprout to fruition
Our goal or dreams are planted it's never too late to water, till and reap the rewards of harvest!

Time for me now to wish you a fabulous day:
Celebrating Spring and allowing your light to shine brightly around your lush new growth!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The most interesting associations or ideas typically make themselves known to me when taking a shower or while dreaming. This association came while enjoying a nice hot shower!
Excited for Daylight Savings time I decided to anticipate the new time with exfoliating!  My thought was new time schedule might as well start with a good ole exfoliation of the skin! Seemed like a good idea and knew I would feel invigorated and clean! Feeling clean is always a good thing!

As the warm water flowed over my body rinsing the scrub off my body, I marveled at just how smooth and silky my skin felt. The water flowing off the skin just rolled with ease leaving a shimmer shine that felt fresh, nourishing and invigorating.
Then the association hit me like a fire hose pointed at flames to extinguish a raging fire!

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells thus proving the skin a silky smooth surface able to receive oxygen more freely and creates a wonderful glow. So I begin to think about exfoliating and associating this with our hearts and lives.
Each event, each day, each life experience we have experienced leaves behind emotions within us. These emotions can bring happiness, sadness, fear, courage and based on our response to our emotions can put up a layer of defense. A barrier to keep us from getting hurt or perhaps suppress our responses and emotions down so far that they are buried and covered with a layer of invisible film that may be perceived as protection.

So I wondered, do we look inward enough to release all the built up emotions that have accumulated over time that are just sitting within us? These built up layers that deter each of us from living life to the fullest and hinder our desires to move forward and experience all that life has to offer.
Feeling a little clogged, tired or in the holding pattern of life unable to move forward in life?

Time for me now to suggest: Exfoliating our hearts and mind

·         Each morning for the next week take five minutes each to be silent. During this time be gentle with yourself. With each breath think of an “I AM” phrase that begins to exfoliate all that is blocking to open your heart, fill it with love, respect and confidence within you!
I Am loved, I Am Confident, I AM Living, I AM Healthy, I AM full of Energy, I AM beautiful, I AM Forgiveness, I AM Abundant, I AM__________

“ Affirming that I AM exfoliating out the old to awaken and welcome me to all possibilities”cl

Friday, March 9, 2012

Leaping with Happiness

Remember to turn Clocks forward 1 hour!
“Losing to Gain So Much”
Yeah!!! Leaping with happiness for an additional hour of sunshine!

I so look forward to turning the clocks forward one hour each year! This day has been so exciting for me since I was a little girl; at least one thing hasn’t changed since that time!
Most of my family and friends just shake their head as to how excited I get on this day! Once their heads stop shaking then the question of “Why” usually follows by the comment, you  are losing an hour!
I don’t see or feel like I am losing anything, I feel like I am gaining so much!
So I thought I’d list all the reasons why I get so excited each year during Daylight Savings Time.
·         Days preceding the ritual begin to get longer and I can feel it!
·         Shakes me up in a good way- new beginnings
·         The air smells fresh, energy levels raised and the extra daylight allows me to enjoy being outside
·         Spring is around the corner~ another new beginning ~ new blossom ~ burst of color and beauty!
·         Fling open the closet doors and de-clutter- there is more time to do this!
·         More energy, clearer focus and seeing all the innate possibilities
·         Forward is a positive movement
·         Energy level is higher and sustained throughout the day
·         Obstacles- what obstacles- feel like doing the “Happy Dance”
·         Birds, trees and all living things seem to know that it’s their time
·         “Shiver me timbers” phrase of winter is about to be put on the shelf
·         Goodnight- Sweet Dreams time is much later now
There just a few of my examples of why I just adore and love daylight savings time!
I don’t feel like I am losing anything rather gaining a whole lot of good things for me to enjoy! 
Imagine if we took each of our setbacks and viewed them as not losing much but gaining so much from the experience what all the possibilities of success are there for us!
To those who do not enjoy Daylight Savings Time grab an extra Latte and make it a great day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


March has so many fun facets, events and experiences all beautifully positioned into thirty one days!
Today was one of those magical days of March when I ask myself, really?  What did I wake up to?
Snow Flurries or affectionately called when growing up, “Spitting Snow”.   
Pouring my coffee I did seem to recall that Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow!
The past couple of days have been spoiled with high sixty degree temperatures which were preceded by a week of snow and ice. Experiencing the warmth, blazing sun and beautiful blue skies preparing for the official ringing in of spring and Daylight Savings Time was so welcomed the past few days.
Quickly adjusted that today was going to be another fabulous day just with more layers to keep me warm!
I got to thinking about “Spitting Snow” and Punxsutawney Phil, Daylight Savings Time and began to remember all the sayings I learned growing up and events that occur in the month of March. So I thought I would share some of them here today!

Fun Phrases and March Flurries:
·         Punxsutawney Phil’s February 2ND predictions soon to be realized?  6 more weeks of winter!
      ·         March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb
      ·         A dry March and a wet May ~ fill barns and bays with corn and hay.
      ·         As it rains in March so it rains in June.
      ·         March winds and April showers ~ bring forth May flowers.
      ·         Daylight Savings Time – March 11Th
      ·         St. Patrick’s Day
      ·         Good Friday, Easter (this year Good Friday is April 6 and Easter is April 8)
             but often in March.
      ·         College Basketball Tournament- known as March Madness
      ·         My Mom’s Birthday!
      ·         Spring Break
      ·         And many more
So here’s to March Flurries where it is weather related, activities, events or celebrations! 
Time for me now to remind everyone: 
“Spring Forward”   
Turn clocks forward one hour on March 11Th!
 Do you have a special phrase that is particular to you, your family or location?
 I’d love to hear from you!
Please email me at or click the button on the website.