Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Thrill of Control

When was the last time you have been spontaneous?  

The act of doing something without regard, just an inner inclination without any thought or premeditation. If you need to think about it, the answer is way too long!

My close friends and family have come to know that I totally trust my inner inclination or should I say intuition or "gut feeling". So when out on a morning walk last weekend, my inclination was to get up in a tree to see what I could see. Why? For no good reason, which was reason enough for me.

I so enjoy "Changing" things up, adding adventure to an otherwise routine walk or other activity.

The tree was so majestic and strong that I just wanted to be a part of it, to climb up there and feel the strength and see the beauty what the "leg up" would provide.

Results of "changing" things up?  Felt Awesome, Strong, In Control and Alive! 

This Self-Imposed Change to my routine turned out to be pretty cool in so many ways! That's what is so great about self-imposed change, it is our idea! Once again, our idea, our control, right?  We certainly love our control or the illusion we are in control.

Our daily routines can become very boring and automatic over time. The daily routine tends to be bland, drains the energy, a sense of boredom and at times lack of motivation to do anything else.

Trust me, I'm guilty of it at times as well. So what "Self-Imposed" Change can be done?

1.Take a few moments and think about your day or weekly routine and activities.
2. Write down the one routine you have done the longest the same way over and over again
3. Under the routine put the expected outcome from this routine activity
4.. Under that routine list the action items that are involved within the routine

New Page:

1. Write down the same routine
2. Under the routine write the expected outcome. ( Is there a different outcome desired?)
3. Count the number of current action items listed 
4. On this new page under the expected outcome place the numbers. ( if 7, list etc)
5. Now identify new actions that get you to the same expected outcome
6. Review and Take Action!!

Sometimes the self imposed change can be as simple as changing a driving route, selecting a different lunch location (never know what you may see) or perhaps doing phone calls instead of emails. The lesson in changing things up is to create a new sense of excitement and engagement. It could be a slight change but within that slight change a huge reward may be received.

Here's to incorporating tiny "self-imposed" changes on a regular basis... Get ready, you'll be hooked!

To learn more about self-imposed changes, see Chapter 5 page 39 in Double Stixs™: The Nourishment and Gift of Change.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Love surprises, how about you? Wonder what delicious goodies are hiding in this basket? I guess I just have to wait, but I do know it will be great!

Wishing everyone a great day of celebrations, whether large gatherings or just having the pleasure of hanging with family or self. Enjoy!

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Sun Shiny Day in the "Oasis"

Sitting in the back yard after a long day, decompressing from activities and events, I began to smile.

Having a space that is soothing, relaxing and easy on the eyes is important to rejuvenate and recharge. My backyard is just that place for me. Flower beds to the right and left with trees on the back fence.
A bird feeder being constantly visited by cardinals and a bird bath for their enjoyment. The seating area is setup for great conversations and enjoying the flowering of the plants in the yard as well as all around the seating area. The sound of flowing water from the fountain is both visually appealing and mentally relaxing. Listening to the water flowing is soothing and invites anyone in the area to just take a deep breath and enjoy!

Today I sat in a different seat and saw things from a different perspective. The blue sky with just the right amount of clouds floating by and the American Flag swaying in the gentle breeze. Perfect timing as tomorrow the US celebrates the 4th of July!

All the days activities and stress released got to thinking just how profound changing one small routine got my mental wheels in motion.

Creatures of habit most of us are, routine and staying in comfort zone is what most of us all do best.

Something as simple as changing a seat on the back patio can shift both experience and comfort.

What small gesture can you do to mix up a routine?
When a small change has been made what did you observe?
Taking small steps of change would you be open to doing this once a week, once a day ?
(ex: go left instead of right; use the right burner instead of left; let someone else drive and be in control; make the call instead of waiting )

All great accomplishments start with simple adjustments and taking one step at a time, it's a process.

The celebration of the 4th of July is a reminder to all that we are free to choose the life we wish to live.
Allow your inner strength, your inner beauty along with all the experience in life to allow for reaching for the sky - reaching for those dreams!

Find a place that is your "Oasis" and enjoy the simplistic rejuvenation of all that is important: