Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Cleanse

Cleansing may have many definitions specific to each individual: 
Personal hygiene, internal cleanse or expelling impurities.  Cleanse can be physical, mental or even spiritual. Cleansing also could mean clearing space.
For this purpose, Cleanse means to assess personal and social responsibilities, assess the people in your life, activities, observing your space and my most importantly your thoughts.
Circumstances may not be able to be changed so easily; we can certainly control our response!
I know I am at times; there is something so difficult in saying a two letter word:
After awhile, our responsibilities pile up, our frustration grows, what was once fun
and exciting becomes a chore, unfulfilling while adding stress into our lives.
So what do we do? How do we shift direction? Is it Possible?
Anything is possible- if you believe it can and you take action!
Begin by assessing what brings you joy, happiness, fulfillment.  Do more!
Are there activities that can be delegated?  Experiencing Commitment overload?  
Perhaps shift the perspective on the commitments and people in your life:
Who may I meet, what is possible to learn, what opportunities may appear; be excited !
If  no longer excited, perhaps it is time to consider a change!
Change is good and brings new experiences, people and opportunities.
Release, Breath and begin to fill your life with all that is good for you.
Visualize a waterfall cascading down to a lower pool, close your eyes and imagine being at the base of the fall, water rushing over you, removing all that is a burden or that is no longer working for you.  Breathe and find that scared space within you to allow your thoughts to release all that is not serving a purpose any longer.  Breathe and take in the air and feel the mist hitting your face reminding you that you are alive!
… When the cleansing is over, open your eyes! What a beautiful rainbow! A rainbow of hope, magnificent beauty and all the possibilities for you…..
Ah, the Majesty of releasing and cleansing what no longer belongs…..
Remember to be good to yourself, you don’t have to do it all yourself, Enjoy your life!
Do more and bring more of all the good you enjoy into your life!    You are so deserving!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration- Full Moon Flow

Full Moon ~ All the Possibilities!

Friday was the second Full Moon for 2011, with this new cycle a great time to Celebrate!.

The Full Moon is a time for excitement perhaps even celebration!.... Each lunar cycle is a time for renewal. Each cycle of the moon has four smaller cycles lasting approximately seven days. 

Example: Full Moon Celebration is exciting for me, as I look forward to all the possibilities from the intentions and seeds planted; more importantly I use this time to give gratitude and appreciation for people in my life and for all the blessings!

The New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.

Timing of these cycles? Though best scientific practices can approximate the timing of the cycles, the cycles tend to  "Flow" from one cycle to another.

Waning Moon is a great time to take a deep breath, breath in life and exhale all that is no longer working for you. Great time to clear out clutter of your life; a time for assessing the past several weeks/months and deciding what is working for you what isn't.

Mediate on your hearts desire, perhaps changes in your life/activities or specific seeds/thoughts that were planted for future growth and development.

  Just as a gardener plants seeds for Spring/Summer blooming, the New Moon is a great time to plant seeds for which to expand our lives!  The Full Moon is a time of celebration- of the seeds planted and now blooming full of energy and possibilities.

Seeds planted as we flow into the next moon cycle of Waxing Moon, this is where you take your intention (planted seed) and begin to bring to life what you most desire and what is best for you!

The Full Moon is an  excellent time to incorporate techniques for your Dreams! During this time my students/clients experience more recollection of dreams. So if you are one that believes you do not remember your dreams this is an excellent time to recall. Suggestion: Keep a notebook and pen on your nightstand!

Upcoming Moon Schedule:
February 19: Waning Moon begins
March 4: New Moon     March 12: Waxing Moon     March 19: Full Moon       March 26: Waning Moon

" I anxiously anticipate recalling my dreams for what messages lie within me"..... CL

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time For Me Now Weekly Inspiration-Flow


  The saying: “Going with the Flow”
Letting go, roll with the punches, no stress or perhaps no direction.
Flow for inspiration is a process for letting go, let happen and let the experience transcend you into a different perspective.
Everyday there are situations or events that each of us attempts to control, to change, to go into the direction that we think it needs to go, however despite our attempts or focus it just gets harder for us. The result or outcome is very seldom what was anticipated.
Ever try to swim against the waves? Ever try to paddle upstream against the rapids? Did it take a lot of effort?Did you get to where you wanted to be?If you made it, Congratulations- Did you enjoy the process?Was the experience effortless, enjoyable with the opportunity to see the beauty in the process?
Was the experience after all that effort not realized, not what was expected or perhaps had the opposite result?
The personal collateral realized was fatigue, stress, disappointment, frustration or maybe even anger!
There are many times when I ask myself, “Why is this so hard”? Then I answer myself: “It shouldn’t be this hard if this is the right course”.
So I check myself- asking: “Is what I am doing or the actions/path that I am taking serving me and my outcome?
Perhaps there is a different solution, maybe I need to bring in resources or maybe I am trying too hard!
Action?  I breathe, breathe deeply and “Let Go”….. That’s right “Let Go”….  I let go of the anticipated result.
I stop trying so hard and take a break, whether a few minutes, few hours or even days. Then I revisit the situation, only this time from a perspective of adjusting to the action rather than trying to adjust the action itself.
Focus only on what you can control and flow with the rest
Amazing things begin to happen. Try it!
So consider this, stop trying to control every aspect of your life, delegate, and stop being self critical, stop being judgmental or thinking it has to be this way.
Begin by being grateful for the opportunity and appreciate the position you are in; if possible allow yourself to receive and accept support from others!
Flow with life and all that life has to offer you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Simple and FUN!

Keep It Simple and FUN!!
I still laugh when I think back to an earlier time in my career.
My career was a blessing, but I was most definitely not taking Time for ME.
Looking back, I am ok with that part of my life; My journey brought me to:  Time for Me Now!
Each of us, including myself needed to experience what I call the hamster rotation.
What is a hamster rotation?  I describe it as continual motion exerting energy in an effort to reach goal(s) set by someone other than ourselves in an effort to gain all that we think we want to achieve or attain.
Sound or feel familiar?
Simple and Fun was my motto and management style. Yes, professionalism and “attaining” the goals was first and foremost but given the time spent at work and away from family and loved ones, my belief was and still is let’s make it Simple and Fun…. AND get the job done!
Yes, my approach raised a lot of eyebrows but as long as the team was achieving results ~ “All was well”
I have had the pleasure and honor of leading many teams over my career meeting incredible individuals.
Simple and FUN brought some amazing results for the team and for the company….
What in the world does this have to do with a website on Dreams and Coaching, you may ask!
Simple one word answer: Everything.
My coaching and support on Time for me Now is a little different than most coaching sites but not different from my approach to Life.    
Simple and FUN!
Everyone begins a journey or seeking change- One Step at a time- so why not One Word at a time?
Inspiration is important, so each week I will be focusing on “one word” that can be practiced or reflected upon during the week.
The intent is to support your desire to shift perspective or just plain start to enjoy breathing again!
My desire is for you to “Dream, Believe Again and Achieve”all that YOU desire…….