Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Courage

Lesson from a Courageous Squirrel!

Recently, I was walking on the trail and came upon this little guy. I stopped to observe as he was munching and I didn’t want to scare him. Immediately I was found out and this little guy stopped dead in his actions.
Yes, I always walk with my camera, as I never know when I may stumble on the magnificence and beauty of nature!  This day was special as I was so close and did not require using a telescopic lens. So you can get a sense of how close I actually was to the moment.
My body was standing as still as possible while trying to figure out how I don’t scare him away. Then I realized he was trying to figure out my next move. As I was watching him I centered and attempted to put off a safe energy, letting him know that I was friend not foe! Check out his eyes, like watching from peripheral, saying " I see you"!
I bent down to be able to get a photo shot of him, as I raised my camera he flinched for a moment and then looked straight ahead- thus the shot…. I stood up observing him and wondering what in the world he must think about this big thing encroaching on his space, I interrupted his lunch!

As I left Mr. Squirrel, I turned to see if he ran off, he was still in his space continuing munching his lunch. I was thinking about how brave he was to stand his ground and not run away. I am sure that his little heart was beating and the survival skills kicked in but he still held his ground.
Time for me now to assess my experience with Mr. Fearless, yes I named Mr. Squirrel!
Courage is what came to mind, didn’t mean that he wasn’t afraid, but he had the strength to stay grounded, assess the situation and the result was he was safe and able to continue on his path.
Each of us is presented with new fears, circumstances or new situations that stirs up fear or causes us to feel hopeless. That is normal and does not mean that we aren’t brave or courageous; it is how we respond to those feelings. 

Acknowledge the feelings and then:

*      Stay grounded

*      Assess the entire scope of the situation, and then

*      Determine next steps; Take Action

*      Action Empowers, makes us Stronger, New Lessons & Experiences

*      YOU are Courageous

Courage is not the absence of fear or despair, but the strength to conquer them. (Anon)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Listening

Going about our day and our activities we hear as we go along. There is the workplace conversation that we here, the lunch conversation that we hear, the radio we hear as we drive to/from work or about
town. Then there is the conversation preparing for dinner or while dining out that we hear.
Perhaps if there are children or young adults at home, there are questions answered that we hear, such as “How was school/work”, “Do you have homework”… Then finally as the day draws to the end perhaps hearing the television sounds as you get ready for bed. All these sounds that we hear each day and that we interact with each and every day are heard. The questions, the responses, the peripheral sounds are around each of us ever single moment we are awake. Yes, this includes sounds we hear when outside working around the yard, taking a walk or just hanging around and enjoying the outside doors.
Time for me now to share my Inspiration of this past week: Dream Catcher connection!
I was walking around the park, there were musicians playing, kids running around having fun, parents sitting on benches enjoying the beautiful day. My friend sat down on the bench, since there was only room for one, I sat down on the ground, and actually I ended up lying down on the grass! I closed my eyes and was just hearing all the sounds going on around, the laughter, the conversations around me. There was a man, Dave, sitting on a bench near where I was lying; I could hear my friend begin to engage him in conversation about the dream catcher he was making and how he ended up in town. Eyes still closed I heard Dave speaking but still in my own thoughts, when all of a sudden I heard him talk about his dog. My attention shifted by hearing to Listening to his story. See Dave was living in another state, was lonely and wanted a dog but really couldn’t afford to get one, as he was trying to save money to relocate in his current state, when one day a black bull dog showed up. Dave began taking care of the dog; he would take this dog on walks. One morning several weeks after the dog showed up, Dave was taking him on a walk, when the dog suddenly went off his path to an area of leaves and branches. The dog kept digging, so Dave bent down and saw a book; turned out it was an old bible. He described the bible in great detail, as I listened; it was evident that this bible had seen a season or two with crinkled pages and warped binding. Dave explained flipping through the bible when he came upon a section that had hundred and fifty dollars bills, totally $2,700!! He looked to see if there was any information as to the owner, but whatever had been there was gone. Listening I heard Dave’s story in detail, heard his voice sound discouraged as to how his life had been to his excitement of the bull dog showing up and finally to the surprise and gratitude for the bible and the money. Did the dog relocate with Dave? Actually, no because a week later, the dog ran off and though he attempted to find him, he was never found.

My Reminder: Gratitude, Appreciation and what we need is provided at exactly the right time!

"Listening Empowers and Enriches my Life"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - DREAMS

Dreams- Allow the images to soar so that the messages can be heard!
Dreams – the movie that plays at night or perhaps images, numbers or feelings.  Romance, Nightmares, Nature, mysterious images not defined by our sense of reality.
Today let’s explore the dreams of nighttime wonder and begin the first step toward our exploration!
Yes, Dreams have been around since the beginning of time, the interesting journey is the understanding of the mystery surrounding those images and the segments that are experienced during the night.
Dreams have a history as far back as Ancient civilizations, Native American Culture, all cultures and even in the Old and New Testament. Messages received in dreams were often used for decisions in cultures and tribes; Dreams were also used for healing. When the cycles of nature and man were aligned the communication through night time dreaming was a place of learning, teaching, inspiration and ability to receive answers on one’s life and direction. Scientists to Psychologists to Metaphysicians to Individuals all have studied researched or experienced dreams that provided significant findings and profound experiences.
My personal experiences and studying of dreams, dream recall, dream techniques as well as the meaning of dreams has shifted and positively impacted my life. My desire is that your dreams do the same for you!
So, what are you dreaming about? Are the dreams pleasant or would you consider them nightmares?
The question may be:  Where do I begin to understand the messages of my dreams?
Time for Me Now to suggest some tips and resources to further expand the exploration of your dreams:
Explore your attitude regarding dreaming. Believe that your dreams are important, that the images or movie being played during dream state have messages for you. Value your dreams as messages. Embrace and Love your Nightmares, yes you read that correctly! Nightmares are messages as well and have the propensity to support us being strong, healthy, and confident!
v  Keep a Journal and pen by your bed.
v  When you awaken in the middle of the night, write down your dream, images any detail; if sleep continues through morning; write down what you remember prior to getting out of bed.
v  Tracking time of awakening is important as dream exploration continues.
v  Can’t remember your dream? Write down your feeling upon waking up. Anxious, calm, etc.
v  Note colors, images, numbers, people (note relationship; brother, mother, sister, etc). location
v  Resource Section: Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn
v  Research on your own or click on Dream tab to learn about Dream Programs, Symbolism.

"I use to go to sleep at night exhausted and just wanted recharge my body. Now I anxiously anticipate going to sleep to view the images, feelings and message that may come in my dreams."CL

Art by Andrea