Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Freedom

The Sky is Blue; Clouds are Fluffy and All Is Well!
Look up and treat yourself to a moment to absorb the beauty of the sky, it can feel empowering and bring an emotion of Freedom. 
This can be a great way to start your morning or perhaps refresh after a day of work.
Each morning the first thing I do before getting out of bed is to look out my window and look at the sky. Since living in the desert, the sky is seldom overcast, which I am so grateful!  The last thing I do each evening is look up in the sky. Each evening I am mesmerized by the stars.
I feel such as sense of Freedom each morning, and each evening when looking up!
Freedom feeling in the morning is that all things are possible; it’s a new day and a new beginning. The Freedom in the evening gazing at the stars or moon is a release or a sigh of “All is well”! 
Yes, sometimes I say “See, I made it through today”…..  Freedom to release!
The sun is always going to rise in the morning and the stars will always be shining bright each night.
Freedom is also the opportunity to Play and do something that is FUN for you!  Freedom to play and have fun inspires us as well as makes us happy!  An opportunity to get outside the confinement of our self imposed box of routine.
This week take a few minutes each day to do something that Frees your Spirit!
Here are some examples, I am sure you will come up with many others that will give you a feeling of Freedom! I would love to hear what you did to release, inspire to create a sense of Freedom.
*      Laugh for no reason
*      Play your favorite music, sing along or dance
*      Jump up and down laughing and saying “ I am free to express myself”
*      Pump your fist and say “Yes, it’s Wednesday”
*      Get that bike out of the garage and take it for a spin
*      Favorite movie as a kid that made you laugh? Find it and Enjoy
*      Any expression outside of your normal day will release a sense of newness- freedom
Have Fun with Freedom!
Time for me now to remind each of us to Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that You desire!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Time for Me Now Inspiration- Warmth

The arrival of the Summer Solstice was yesterday, June 21st. Did the day seem longer to you?
The official first day of summer!  Yippee!!  It is also the longest day, so today the days begin to get shorter. Don’t fret, there are many more days of summer activities and warmth coming your way.
Summer, for most, is a welcoming time of year. The warmth enables us to stay outside, engage in outdoor activities, have picnics, go to parks, sunbathe, visits to the shore to enjoy all that the ocean has to offer. The warmth of the sun always feels so good. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
The warmth of the day seems to just encourage a good mood, a lighter attitude, a feeling of all things are possible! Our schedules seem to take a lighter load and excitement as the day draws to an end knowing that there is still time to enjoy whatever we want to do.  So go out there and have some FUN!
Warmth also is found in kindness, emotion, enthusiasm, affection, approachable or warmth of a room.  
Dreaming of warmth? Dreaming of warmth indicates peace and harmony. The feeling of warmth in a dream indicates comfort, happiness and a state of contentment.
Warmth is not only a feeling but also a state of mind, a place of pleasure which can relate to all things being good in life or situations.
So if dreaming of warmth or feeling of warmth this is a good symbolism for “Life is good”
Time for me now to describe creating a warm and safe space just for yourself!
*      Define an area, any size, or place that is defined as your space
*      Surround the space with your favorite pictures, books, anything that is special to you
*      Perhaps put a candle (there are battery operated candles that work well)
*      This space is for decompressing, relaxing, reading, meditating or just being still
*      AM/PM whichever works best for your schedule.
*      Amazing what even 10-15 minutes can accomplish by being in your warm, safe space
Dream, Believe Again, Achieve all that you desire!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Inspiration

"My Inspiration"

My Inspiration was to create a place for others who were looking for something to change
perspective or to seek simple ways to incorporate a change, one word at a time.

My inspiration for using one word came through a technique called Dream Incubation. The inspiration would enable me to utilize my years of coaching, education, research and experiences to support others.

I am so grateful for Time For Me Now.... as everyone gets to a point where it is "Time for ......"

A powerful emotion, life changing experience, story, word or event that is a motive for change, new direction and expands creativity .
Inspiration puts that “fire in the belly” which results in new ideas as well as looking at the world, your life in a different way.
Inspiration brings to us new stories, a new book, art, movies, music, and dance. Inspiration can also bring us a new set of eyes to view the world, relationships, nature and evoking emotion to want to take ACTION!
Inspiration stimulates ideas, it can revitalize us and it can enrich our lives to live the life desired!
That feeling where you feel you could run up a mountain and overlook the world believing that “All is possible”
Samples of experiencing “Inspiration” include:
*      A softness of  the heart to possibilities where once was “can’t happen for me”
*      Messages that bring us tears, where tears never fell before
*      Dreams
*      A person overcomes a physical obstacle; motivation to take action to achieve
*      Where once was believed to be a challenge; is visualized as being accomplished
*      Exposure to less fortunate and desire to take action to make a contribution to impact others.
*      The desire to live a life of gratitude and appreciation

Inspiration has served each of us individually during different cycles of our lives. Inspiration has also served mankind in various segments of time.

Walt Disney, Mother Theresa, Michelangelo, Denise Linn, Albert Einstein, Steven Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Wayne Dyer are some examples of individuals who have inspired many as well as generations.

Inspiration can be heard through listening to your heart, what is your heart saying to get excited about?

Affirmation: Inspiration comes to me each day to live life full out!

Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that you desire in Life!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Beginnings

The musical group, The Byrds had a song adapted from the book of Ecclesiastes: “Turn! Turn! Turn!”……. the message is that there is a Season to everything.
*      There are the Seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
*      There are New Moon phases
*      Nature comes alive and then becomes dormant
There are changes and cycles in everything in Life!
There is excitement and endless possibilities with new Beginnings! A chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again, taking lessons we have learned and apply them to the new cycle!
When does a new beginning start? It can start right now. There isn’t a time-table to begin shifting perspective on how you want to live your life. The exciting turn is that at any point in your life, you can start a New Beginning!
So how do you know when you are ready for a new beginning? Here are a few thoughts:
*      Activities which once served you well and you enjoyed no longer bring you joy or happiness
*      Life seems to be just a routine
*      Lack of progression or fulfillment in career or relationships
*      Questions begin to emerge from within relating to life, purpose, direction or self
To start a new beginning, give gratitude and thanks for the cycle just completed and embrace a new cycle of adventure, exploration as well as new learning’s.
Putting one foot in front of the other or putting your body into drive to head down that road of New Beginnings!
Time for me now to say that support is always here at
Affirmation:    New Beginnings Enrich My Life!
Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that You Desire!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time for Me Now Inspiration - Joy

Joy is a Celebration!
Each day there is something, regardless of situations, that we can experience joy…. Yes, even in the darkest hours or the stress of the day!
My recent experience with Joy was the experience of seeing Wild Horses cross the highway! I shared that with my friend and it made both of us smile! Simple thing but joyful! I shared this so that more experiences may fill my world! Joyful that horses can still run wild!
Joy is contagious, Joy is also happiness, a smile, and attitude of delight attracts others. So if you really think that your day is so awful and that is not one thing to be happy or joyful about, then I would like to suggest this:
“Be Joyful and Happy for other people” when encountering another person, nod and smile.
By doing this, you actually might begin to feel much better about the day that was supposed to be not joyful!
Examples of experiencing Joy or Happiness in our lives is pretty obvious, it is usually the “big stuff” that we identify with Joy!  What about the small stuff, the everyday things those perhaps are not so obvious.
Such as Joy for the:
*      Wild Horses crossing the road
*      weather or nature
*      Job/small business
*      People in your life/family
*      Hot water (we certainly miss it when not available)
*      Everyday things and all that surrounds us
*      Abundance to provide for lifestyle and paying bills
*      The box of chocolates found in the cupboard
The biggest joy can be received by sharing and helping others regardless of how big or small the task.
Joy and Happiness can be given freely and received at no cost.  
Remember focusing on the good things in your life, things that bring you joy and happiness, those areas prosper and become more abundant.
 Focus on what is good in your life and Celebrate!
My Joy today is for all the people who visit my inspiration, I so appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit with me.
Affirmation: Joy and Happiness fill my life each day
Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that you desire!