Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration: Introspect

Self Examination is probably one of the hardest things to do and yet it is so important for each of us to take time to assess exactly what is going on with and inside ourselves.
Feel out of balance and not in control? Stressed, overworked or in conflict with life’s events?
Introspection can be a place to regain the balance, the control over our lives, as well as taking time to manifest dreams, set goals. Introspection can also be a time for giving gratitude and appreciation for all good things in our lives. 
The past couple of years, especially the four months of this year, have been so exciting, so fulfilling but yet so all consuming in all areas of my life. I consciously am aware of staying in balance, exercise, being healthy as well as quieting my mind; I was “walking my coach talk”.  My desire was to strengthen my energy, get even more grounded and balanced as well as expand the goals for the remainder of the year.
I realized that to accomplish what I needed to achieve, I needed a change of revenue and definitely not in my office, my personal space or my outside landscape. A retreat was definitely the solution.
My question was the how, when, where this retreat would take place. Was it possible to be able to do?
 So I used the Dream Incubation technique to determine what was best for me and then let it go.  The message came in the form of large majestic Red Rocks.
When having dinner with a good friend, discussion of “getting away” and the reference of Sedona, AZ  resulted in putting a plan into motion. My experience and belief is, when something is right, all the pieces of the plan fall into place with little or no resistance. Time is available, resources become available and all things just work out usually much better than the expectation!  Even had my dear friend join me!
My introspection showed me that replenishing, restoring and taking time for me was the solution!
Red Rocks, hiking, hiking and hiking more, getting back to nature, sitting by the falls, being quiet, appreciating the animals, observing the majestic beauty of the desert was such a blessed retreat! I gained all that I needed and more-
My dream and desire for you is to take time to look inside, listen to what you hear your body, your mind, your soul is saying to you. Take some time to find your balance so that you may achieve all that you desire!
 Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that you Desire!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dreams: Unlocking the Mystery and Power

Dreams: Unlocking the Mystery and Power
Dreams- what we want our lives to be, the careers we have, the relationships we would like to have in our lives or perhaps where we will live and experience life. Dreams we have for loved ones.
Dreams – the movie that plays at night or perhaps images, numbers or feelings.  Romance, Nightmares, Nature, mysterious images not defined by our sense of reality.
Today let’s explore the dreams of nighttime wonder and begin the first step toward our exploration!
Yes, Dreams have been around since the beginning of time, the interesting journey is the understanding of the mystery surrounding those images and the segments that are experienced during the night.
Dreams have a history as far back as Ancient civilizations, Native American Culture, all cultures and even in the Old and New Testament. Messages received in dreams were often used for decisions in cultures and tribes; Dreams were also used for healing. When the cycles of nature and man were aligned the communication through night time dreaming was a place of learning, teaching, inspiration and ability to receive answers on one’s life and direction. Scientists to Psychologists to Metaphysicians to Individuals all have studied researched or experienced dreams that provided significant findings and profound experiences.
My personal experiences and studying of dreams, dream recall, dream techniques as well as the meaning of dreams has shifted and positively impacted my life. My desire is that your dreams do the same for you!
So, what are you dreaming about? Are the dreams pleasant or would you consider them nightmares?
The question may be:  Where do I begin to understand the messages of my dreams?
Time for Me Now to suggest some tips and resources to further expand the exploration of your dreams:
Explore your attitude regarding dreaming. Believe that your dreams are important, that the images or movie being played during dream state have messages for you. Value your dreams as messages. Embrace and Love your Nightmares, yes you read that correctly! Nightmares are messages as well and have the propensity to support us being strong, healthy, and confident!
v  Keep a Journal and pen by your bed.
v  When you awaken in the middle of the night, write down your dream, images any detail; if sleep continues through morning; write down what you remember prior to getting out of bed.
v  Tracking time of awakening is important as dream exploration continues.
v  Can’t remember your dream? Write down your feeling upon waking up. Anxious, calm, etc.
v  Note colors, images, numbers, people (note relationship; brother, mother, sister, etc). location
v  Resource Section: Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn
v  Research on your own or go to Dream tab to learn about Dream exploration.
"I use to go to sleep at night exhausted and just wanted recharge my body. Now I anxiously anticipate going to sleep to view the images, feelings and message that may come in my dreams."CL

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Fulfillment

The phrase, "My cup runneth over", is one way to describe being Fulfilled!

Fulfillment is a deep inner feeling of satisfaction where all is well, an inner sense of peace and contentment. A feeling of pure joy and excitement!

This sense of fulfillment may be experienced after completing a phase in life, a project or a goal that has been completed. A Dream comes true!

Whatever is allowing you to be fulfilled and feel contented, Celebrate!

Celebrate the accomplishment, Celebrate the rewards, and Celebrate your life!

Pause for a moment and reflect on what brought you to this fulfilling moment.

Now, write down all the obstacles, the challenges, new learning’s, perhaps new people you met along the way to this moment. Take time to reflect on these experiences, perhaps write them down in your journal.

What did you learn? I imagine there was much learning on this journey than the end result. The lessons, new skills, obstacles and yes Fun along the way are our teachers of life to enrich and support our growth.

Fulfillment where to begin or expand the experience of fulfillment?

Giving of service or being kind to others who may need a kind word, a smile; volunteering or helping a neighbor; the ability to give to others freely results in our receiving of fulfillment.

Our inner self & spirit loves when we give and uplift others and the gift we receive is fulfillment!

“Planting a seed, setting a goal, dreaming a dream, taking that first step and continuing to put one foot in front of the other each day, is the incredible beautiful life experience of an overflowing vessel called fulfillment” CL

Excitement & Confidence flows through me as I experience all things that are woven along the path to Fulfillment!

 Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that you desire!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - My Inspiration

"Happy Mother's Day"

To all the wonderful women, Time for me now to wish you a very special:
"Happy Mother's Day"!

Today I would like to introduce you to my inspiration - you guessed it- My Mom!

My mom grew up in a small town of less than 1,000 residents. She was a cheerleader, drama club, very popular in her town and in school. She was typical of the 50's teenager generation. She dated a basketball player throughout high school and upon graduation she married her high school sweetheart! Boy am I glad about that!

A marriage that lasted 22 years and produced 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys. Mom was always there when we needed her as well as attending all our sporting events, musical recitals. She was always there, even when my siblings and I reached the age of parents aren't cool, she always managed to fit in and managed to get her two-cents into the moment! She loved being with each of us and interacting in our lives.

She was the epitome of "Good things come in small packages"!  My mom was 4'11" and a smile that would light up the room. Not sure how she did it, but she never had a disparaging word to say about anyone. She always saw the glass half full and the goodness in everyone, no matter how hurtful the actions of others.
Her faith was strong just as her work ethic. She instilled faith and blessings of life to each of us, which we individually took and began our own journey through life. Mom always supported each of us in our journey, even if she thought we were taking the wrong route, she was always there for us. Mom even demonstrated unselfish love throughout the years, after my parents divorced, by always attending family functions with my dad in attendance. Mom's love, her energy, her spirit wouldn't have had it any other way for her.

I chose this picture as this is the true essence of my mom, her spirit, her energy and her love of life.
She always had open arms for us, for life and for anyone who needed a hug or an ear to listen.

My brother wrote recently, "It just isn't the same"..... which is so true.

Life cycles, sometimes too soon, which was the case on January 11, 2004. But I can still see Mom dancing around the room kicking up her legs, singing her favorite song, laughing and the joy of being around us and her grandchildren. Mom definitely enriched the lives of our family, her friends and her community and though not physically with us, she is still definitely sending us messages and reminders all the time.

My Dreams are a place of connection and reunion; the symbols and signs are validation. Mom thank you for being our mom, thank you for sharing your spirit,  most of all thank you for sharing your dreams.

"Happy Mother's Day"