Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bright, Flowing, Tall and Strong

The excitement and anticipation of a brand new month has got me giddy and feeling as light as air and as playful as a child! It's like a switch turned on and oh la la there is a change of energy, intention and love of life!

The saying "In a blink of an eye" is so true, the most amazing situations, things or opportunities happened quickly and believe it or not we were not in control.

This is also the completion of the first half of 2015 and the beginning of the month of July.

A sense of accomplishment, completion feeling like I am standing on the top of the tallest mountain looking down and around of all that has been the past six months.

What monumental event or situation has occurred to make me feel like this? Actually not one, only the knowing that each moment of each day there is always the possibility of something amazing! Enjoying each moment, being in the moment, and a grand appreciation of now!

The same feeling that I had when in Sedona, Arizona with my dear friend hiking. The picture above is the river flowing effortlessly with the view of Cathedral Rock in the background.

For me, July is special as it is the month that I began my life, so of course I would be excited right?
There is also a sense that July will be a month of powerful energy and sparks of  new beginnings with fresh starts! Full Moon is July 2nd  and July 31st is the second Full Moon (Blue Moon). Perhaps another reason for my excitement and anticipation of what has yet to appear.

A perfect month to highlight all the good stuff in our lives, be open to any transitions that may be occurring in your life while illuminating areas that need expanded, renewed or released. A great time to decide exactly what should move forward in our next six months!

Such a great time for each of us to just assess all things so that the next six months are the 

"Best Six Months Ever"!! 

Some things to think about during this amazing upcoming month of July!

  • What does forward look like to you? 
  • What do you want to bring into the forward part of your life?
  •  What is working for you and what no longer serves you?
  • What one thing can I adjust or eliminate to bring balance into my life?
  • What one thing can I do for "me" to show love and appreciation for who I am?
  • What are all the things in life, right now, to be grateful for?

It is always good to assess if all things you desired at the beginning of the year are still relevant now. Do you need to focus and create new intentions?o

Feeling a little apprehensive or perhaps fearful of embracing a transition or assessing what is working in life and contemplating things changing?

Change is going to happen, whether it is self imposed or external change. Why not be the master of your change?

Wishing everyone the best month of July ever! May you be the "Master of Change" in your life!

Double Stixs: The Nourishment and Gift of Change

My greatest appreciation for all of you whom have followed me over the years and have allowed me to be a small part of your amazing life! Happy July Celebration!

It is with great appreciation for all of life's lessons, experiences and people in my life......
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