Thursday, January 10, 2013

Double Stixs®: Intentions > Resolutions

Many years ago, let's just say as a teenager, I recognized the agony of defeat in New Year's Resolutions. When starting out my professional career and life's path the setting of goals was important, so was the act of writing the goals. Writing goals down brings them to life therefore we are more likely to put action behind those goals that are written. Also, it made management happy to see written goals for the upcoming year. During those chapters in my life, having a happy manager was my ultimate goal! So yes, I did write down my goals both professionally and also personal goals (better known as resolutions) for the year. However, I came up with the idea of instead of posting my personal goals on January 1st, I would post them on the next best thing to the 1st, that would be the 11th of the month,

Double Stixs® day! Thus the yearly ritual has continued all these years.....

The professional goals are still just that, however the personal goals have transitioned to personal intentions. Tomorrow is my Double Stixs® day. The image above are my personal intentions for 2013. Ready to be infused with energy and prominently displayed in my office.

The Butterfly is symbolic for transforming my intentions into reality. The words on the scroll begin to come alive as the action I put into my personal intentions is ignited. The closed end of the chopsticks represents the closing of a chapter (prior year) and the wide part of the sticks represents bringing my intentions up to soar to new heights, allowing the butterfly to take flight.

Remember, even if Resolutions have gone by the wayside already, each day is a new day to begin again, it is "never too late"... Perhaps consider a ritual that resonates with you where you are setting yourself up for success!

"Our Intention Creates Our Reality".... Dr. Wayne Dyer
Time For Me Now® to review some thoughts when deciding to create your own Intentions:
"It's never too late- each day is an opportunity
Really think about what "you" desire for 2013 - as Denise Linn teaches "Be Clear"
Write the Intention(s) down - this brings the Intention to Life
Establish a month or day that works for you to ignite the action - remember action is needed
Keep a Journal related to 2013 Intentions- you will be surprised as to the actual Activity
Yes, adjustments throughout the year are good ! So adjust as often as necessary
Enjoy, Have Fun setting Intentions for the Life you Desire to Live
It's Time For You Now!
All my written intentions are important but the Theme for 2013 Intentions for me:
Wishing Everyone a Happy, Prosperous, Adventureous, Loving and Fun Double Stixs® Year!
Double Stixs® is a program offered through Time For Me Now® supporting others through life's transitions of change. The book Double Stixs® : The Nourishment and Gift of Change coming soon!