Wednesday, February 29, 2012


" Time for me now to leap off the lily pad and experience all that life has to offer"

 So this year is Leap Year- and today is Leap Day, the 29Th of February!  Since this occurs only every four years thought it would be fun to explore the traditions and the myths surrounding this date. 
Single? Well, today is suggested to be the day to ask that someone special or as one friend recently said, I’ll just go out and find a really good looking guy driving a really nice car, with an attitude and ask him to marry me!.  Yikes!!! Really?

I was stunned as this is not like her, thinking my friend has gone bonkers! Then she told me this:
She had read that in some areas of the world if a woman proposed to a man, and he refused, he would have to buy her clothing. So her thinking was OK, I am single what is the downside risk of No? Laughing I asked her did it ever occur to you that men are not familiar with this so called tradition? Didn’t seem to bother her! Her quick wit is so appreciated, as in her response back to me.

“Ok so really using today to practice my skills of walking up to a strange man and introducing myself”.  Putting me out there and taking risks is part of my 2012 self development program. Today I feel more confident as in the back of my mind I feel it is more acceptable today!

The Risk of Going after what we want and the Reward of Accomplishment!
A mental safety net, at least in her mind, to take a Leap and take a risk!
So what are you leaping for today and for 2012?  Given we have an extra day prior to entering the third month in the first quarter a good time to assess how are leaping is going.

·         Are we leaping toward our dreams, goals, visions, projects, life?
·         Perhaps we have been sitting on a lily pad too long either waiting on “something” or fear of leaping to new adventures.
Take a moment today for riveting your dreams and goals and think about:

·         The accomplishments and progress of the past two months – Celebrate!
·         Secure and reevaluate all that you want to accomplish in 2012 through taking Action
·         Fasten your belief securely within that “You are Powerful and Can Do it
·         Pull the strength up from within and jump off that Lily Pad and “Take Control of You”
Time for me now to wish you a great adventure leaping to all the you desire and remind you of something my mentor Denise Linn always says: “Who you are is enough”…….

photo by Rosemary Ratcliff

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


“The Silence ends when the Light and Warmth Shines from within” cl
Silence is golden!  Silence is so appreciated after a long day at work and taking care of the kids. Silence is so appreciated after attending a conference or training session where someone was speaking to you for hours on end. Silence is golden when meditating or praying, the silence and peace that transcends through and around you. Silence and a feeling of calm, all is good.
Silence is also good after listening to a spouse or loved on pontificate on something that you have absolutely no interest in or could care less but you did listen. Silence is good when sinking down into a nice warm bath to relax and release the events of the day.  Silence is also good when taking a walk and looking at the landscape around you and enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face; the absence for the first time in months after the winter chill. There are many more examples of embracing Silence and all the benefits that Silence has to offer each of us.
February 14th is a special day for many, Valentine’s Day!. This is a day of showing love, appreciation and being with “you”, the person that is the “love of your life” or the family that is the “love of your life”.  Yes that special someone or family, isn’t that the ultimate goal? Isn’t that why each of us sets out on the dating scene to find that one person who lights up our world?
I could go on as to expectations, disappointments, real meaning behind the quest to find a valentine, but I won’t as Silence is the focus. So you may be asking yourself at this point, where is this going?
My experience this February 14th brought me to sheer silence at my table. My husband was working out of town so I was not with my special valentine! Fortunately I have friends who were also running solo that day so we celebrated as a team! What did I observe that brought me silent?
The restaurant was full to capacity! Looking around the restaurant I observed table after table of folks sitting in the booths or tables and not interacting. At first I thought I caught them in a down moment of talking, so yes I began to stare! These tables were filled with individuals that were not engaged in conversation or each other, they were sharing space and some tables sharing food. Conversation? Not so much! First few tables were not even looking at each other; they were looking down at their plate the entire time they ate.
I actually thought about looking to see if a sign was present saying" Silence while dining"
Now, I have seen this for years, as a matter of fact, my husband and I call them “The Dining Dead”… But Silence on Valentine’s Day?  What’s up with that? I am sure that there are explanations, excuses and circumstances for what was observed that evening.  There is no judgment, just observation.
What happens through the years to become Silent with those that were once the “love of our life” or Silence within ourselves.
Sit for ten minutes and contemplate the reasons for Silence when Silence shouldn’t be.  
Make three columns
 1. Write down those reasons or why for Silence
 2. Next to what you have written in the second column  put Yes if this can be changed or NO, if not.
 3. If Yes, in third column put steps to change Silence into Communication;
     If no , I am sure you know the next steps for you or what activities or topics that need to be incorporated or eliminated in order to get communication flowing.
Remember " You" are radiant, full of life and are Amazing! Reignite the Light and Sparkle!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 “You".... Love "You", Dream for "You" Live for “You" as a beautiful rose opens up and the fragrance fills your world "You" will attract others and open to receive beautiful petals of love! ♥ ♥
As in anything, it all starts from within and with You!

Holidays, especially involving being with a special someone, can be very sad and discouraging.
I know, as I spent many years watching others celebrate! At times, totally spaced out that a day
when couples were celebrating their love for each other could impact me!

Typically I would be reminded when trying to get a table at a restaurant. No reservation this evening, no table available. Sorry! We can accommodate you tomorrow evening!
I vividly remember two things that immediately came to mind:

1.      Tomorrow? Seriously? OK, so what am I suppose to do for dinner this evening?

2.      Wouldn’t a nice prepared romantic dinner at home together or for your special someone be more loving and creative – cook dinner for the other?  
The good news is I was able to laugh it off and figure out another solution. This typically resulted in me cooking dinner for “Me”. You know what? Somehow it worked out better and I got to wear really comfy clothes!

Time for me now to share something I learned a long time ago: YOU are love! YOU hold the beauty within as each rose holds the beauty in each petal that opens up to a full bloom! YOU too will bloom to be what you want to be, have and hold!
So today if you are celebrating a singular YOU or if YOU are away from your special love, like I am today, pause for a moment. Celebrate YOU!  Celebrate your beauty, your magnificent self!

Take a moment and write down 10 things that YOU love about yourself! Celebrate those 10 things!
Remind yourself that these ten items are just the beginning of blooming to all new beginnings for You!

Wishing each of YOU a fabulous day full of love, compassion and excitement for YOU...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sparkling Love

When this picture was originally posted, I immediately was drawn. The innocence of the little girl, reminds me that no matter what age, there is always a child inside waiting to be allowed to come out. A part of us that needs to be held, comforted and loved just as when we were a child.
The facial expression, the opening of the arms, the energy projection of peace while opening up and accepting all things. As if to say, hello I am here! I accept! I love unconditionally!

The stars in the distance and the sparkling twinkling lights close surrounding her body reminded me of beautiful sparkling energy full of life!
One of my favorite connections is stargazing! Lying down on the ground or sitting outside, even in the winter, looking up at the majestic sky looking at all the stars. Feeling connected to something larger than myself. The overwhelming sense of energy expansion!

The peace of knowing that energy never leaves, it never dies. The energy continues to surround us with sparkling and shimmering light reflecting on each of us, reminds us that we are never alone!

So when I miss those very special loved ones that have passed on, I spend even more time looking up, feeling the magic of the stars and the light. Feeling connected to an energy far larger than words can describe. This is where my soul and spirit gets replenished and gains the strength to sparkle again.

Many blessings and much love to each of us who have experienced loss. Tonight while stargazing will send you love, comfort and may you be surrounded by the energy of Sparkling Love.

To the wonderfully creative person who created this beautiful image that is so powerful, please contact me through this site so that I can properly give you all the credit. Thank you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Happy Ground Hog day!

Punxsutawney Phil came out today and ascended down to the ceremonial location of Gobbler’s Knob to give his yearly prediction! This occurs each year in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Each year this ceremony reminds me of the movie “Groundhog Day”. This is a comedy written by Harold Ramis and Danny Rubin; starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. If you haven’t seen it, put it on the rental list; if you have but it’s been awhile might want to watch again.
I remember watching this movie and after thinking this silently finally said out loud- “you keep doing the same thing over and over again – do something different”!  PLEASE!!

Groundhog Day also comes at an interesting point in time, beginning of a new month right after January. We identified new resolutions, new dreams, new goals and the dream of new beginnings for a brighter future.
Groundhog Day for me is a reality check. Am I still doing the same thing over and over again or have I made different choices which have fostered positive energy and change!

Thought it would be fun to list a couple of questions for pondering while taking time for you. These are some of the questions that I often ask myself when doing a reality check of “Doublestixs”… What is “DoubleStixs”?  January 11th post will explain this, but essentially it is harmony and balance which allows freedom to move forward in all things.

·         Find yourself doing the same thing over and over again without a sense of happiness or accomplishment?   Yes or No Question

·         If so, what one small thing could be changed to create a different response or outcome?

·         Tired of the same ole, same ole? OK, so what needs to happen to change it? Make a list!

·         Fearful of the result of making a change? Write the worst case outcome- is it really a fear?

·         If not fear but rather apathy ask why? Identify each component place one small action item next to the component that is perceived as holding back the opportunity to usher in “DoubleStixs”
So if each day seems to be the same thing over and over and not happy with the results “make a choice to change one thing”. OR perhaps change is occurring to you and around you and dealing with this as always isn’t working, make a shift in perspective to see if from a different point of view.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” –Jim Rohn