Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello Forward!!!

The Title of this post might be a little confusing to some, at first for me too!

So wondering how the past two months has been for you? Do any of these experiences ring true?

A game of  "Tug of War" - (don't remember requesting to play the game)
A Roller Coaster Ride - (without even entering an amusement park)
A Game of Hopscotch ( Oops forgot to bring the chalk)
Watching a beautiful romantic movie- tearful (without even putting a DVD in the player)
Reflecting over the past two months these experiences, emotions and lessons have brought me to the point of saying:

" Hello Forward".....  (certainly didn't want to stay any longer in the lesson then necessary!)
When opening up my bedroom curtains this weekend, it was with a different awareness. The awareness of the sun shining, the clear blue skies and the warm breeze. A beautiful morning after several days of severe weather. The awareness and symbolism for me came to mind.
Yes, the months have been fast, furious and at times unexpected in and around me. Please note that each event, action or emotion were not necessary bad- just fast and furious. Similar to standing on a tennis court and an automatic ball machine was propelling tennis balls for me to smack over the net.
Talking with folks yesterday, they too experienced similar events and emotions. As the storm ceases and the calm rolls in, so does our awareness. The awareness that there really were lessons, opportunities, gifts and messages within all of the experiences. So I began to capture these thoughts, specific lessons, learning's, opportunities and gifts into my journal. Amazing revelations!!!! 
Sometimes there is a tendency to make all things much too complicated! My revelation was actually a validation of each day, each experience, each interaction is a gift. A gift given to us to experience, learn, enjoy, embrace and gain a better understanding. A better understanding of what does work for us and what doesn't work.
All the fast paced activity and energy was for my benefit. The gift of propelling me forward to the new chapter in my life. 
The activity of being pulled in different directions, the high and lows of each day bringing that free fall feeling in the pit of the stomach. Moving from right and left to get things done when time was always of the essence and on someone else's terms. The emotional connection to sometimes the smallest things. All these actions and the experiences in the past couple of months was for preparation. Preparation for the now and for moving forward.
Change has always been something that I have embraced and encouraged regardless of the outcome...
My experience professionally and personally is that in order to "Live our Dreams" or to "Live Life to the Fullest" there are two factors..
"Change and Self"!
 Each of us are amazing individuals with capabilities of accomplishing so many things. Each of us "can do"!  If it isn't working for me or you, then something has to Change... 
Be grateful and appreciate each little detail of life, as this opens up the heart to accept each new chapter of life bringing synchronicities and beautiful, enriching blessings, allowing the abundance of life to overflow within and around you!
Cindy Lake
Hello Forward!!!!

It is with great appreciation for all of life's lessons, experiences and people in my life......
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