Thursday, October 3, 2013


I am always so amazed at the magnificence of our bodies. Seems that just when it is time to rest, recharge and release, our body knows exactly how to support us.

Preparing for the next round of postings on Double Stixs™,  I began to feel "off", you know that feeling during the change of seasons, especially from summer to fall? Did I listen to the signs and my body? Of course not! LOL I kept up with my daily schedule, even adding a few additional responsibilities.  Yes, additional signs showed up for me. Tickle in my throat, seeming to be a little more tired than usual.. Did I still pay attention to the signs that my body was telling me? Nope!

Finally, after landing in the emergency walk-in clinic and receiving my diagnosis, finally did I listen!

Today I just wanted to remind each of us that:

" It is OK to slow down, take care of you, and honor yourself and your body"
All of us are so very good at taking care and supporting others that we tend to forget about ourselves!
Feeling a little off or perhaps out of sync with how you normally feel? Pay attention to the signs that the body sends to us, even if very subtle! The signs may only be for slowing down, but still important.
Slow Down
Pamper yourself with a bath, massage or time with friends.
Increase the normal sleeping time
Incorporate more fruits, vegetable's and juice into daily routine
Reduce instead of increasing daily workload- (even doing this for a day or two helps)
Sink into that perfectly made bed, pull the covers to the neck, breath and relax
The fall time of year is for reaping all that has been planted so far for the year! This is a perfect time to recharge and reignite ourselves for enjoying all the hard work and passion each of us has put into our lives..... 
Time for me now to return to my perfectly made bed, pull the covers up to my neck, breath, relax and just allow for sleep to take over and allow for the recharging to continue.
Wishing each of you amazing health, a green light of fully recharged life and the arms to receive all that you are so deserving.