Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Return to Retro

Recently there have been many postings of pictures on a social media site asking who remembers what the image is in the photo. The images are of items as far back as three generations. It is really fun to look at the comments on these photos, especially from those who have no idea what the items could possibly be. For me, these items trigger laughter, memories and a connection back to childhood. Then I began to think just how functional these items really were and could be today!  Who remembers the aluminum glasses with pitcher? My grandparents had them and can remember how cold the beverages would be, and in the summer the beads of condensation sweat coming down the sides. Great glasses for milkshakes!
I must select the worst models of refrigerators with automatic ice cube makers. Each one has had issues; either the ice bunches up and creates one large ice ball or gets jammed! So the function of the metal ice cube trays is really appealing to me. Stack a few up in the freezer and makes perfect ice cubes each time! The benefits for me are ice cubes without hassle and can also be used for freezing !

Whisks are great, have you noticed when whisking eggs it seems that they just aren’t aerated perfectly? Old fashion egg beaters are still the best for eggs and whipped cream; I was so excited to find that there is a more modern beater, parts come apart and is dishwasher safe. I find that it also gives a great upper arm work out to tighten up the wobbly wave skin.
Potato Masher that make the best mashed potatoes, smooth but with just the right amount of chunks in the potatoes. The mixers do an excellent job of smooth and creamy but If you want a small reflection back of childhood dining experiences, the masher is the master! The benefits are taste but also a nice arm work out, hold in those ab muscles and tighten the core.

A big treat for us growing up was making homemade ice cream! Especially during berry season nothing like homemade strawberry ice cream! Such memories and the fresh taste is phenomenal! The benefits are the family takes turns hand turning the crank,  family time, make the hand cranking a challenge, who can crank the handle the most times before stopping! The cranking is also a form of exercise which makes the guilt of eating this delicious desert disappear!  Yes, there are the automatic makers that work just fine, but there is something about the family hanging around and engaged together is creating such a treat! A definite memory maker!
The smell of fresh towels and sheets hung outside to dry is a memory that never goes away and is always tried to be recapture with the dryer sheets. I don’t know about you, but no matter how many different brands I try the exact feel and smell of being dried outside is never captured. The clothesline and clothes pins are no longer the norm and probably the majority of us are not able to even consider putting up a clothesline! However if you can it might be nice to alternate using a dryer and also hanging the sheets and towels outside. The benefits are the sweet, clean smell and feel of the sheets, reduce electric or gas usage and yes working that body. Bending down, throwing the sheets over the line, placing the clothes pin on. When time to fold, engage the kids or spouse to fold and make it a fun activity.  My new home search now has a wish list of no Homeowners association and the space and ability to put up a clothesline, even if just a small line, it will be so worth the search.

Memory Lane sometimes doesn’t have to altogether lost, the functionality of some items do have the capability of being incorporated into our everyday lives. The benefits for us are the memories, introducing kids to another way while telling "good ole day stories" while still accomplishing what needs to get done!

Time for me now to go fill up my ice cube tray and remind everyone, these items are still available, some even brand new. A family outing or a day of exploration could also be to check out yard sales, estate sales or moving sales, an adventure to search out treasures! Make it Fun!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Double Stixs™ ~ You hold the Key~ Now Open the Lock

So what is Double Stixs ? A snapshot answer to this question can be found in the 1/11/12 blog posting titled Double Sticks.  Double Stixsthe symbolisms, the connections have been associated with me since my conception so many years ago. The most recent evolution is the spelling of Stixs. This change has been brewing over time and finally decided to “flow with the sense of change”.
 For me Double Stixs is a way to strive to live life fearlessly, fully, compassionately, lovingly and productively. The Symbolism of Double Stixsis a pair of Chopsticks, as when perfecting the use of chop sticks, what happens? Yes, we are able to eat and eating provides nourishment, and nourishment is necessary for life and growth! 
Growth is necessary for expansion of self and for our mission, vision and values for our life and business to grow!
 So Double Stixs in a nutshell has been a system with multiple components for living my life in:

v  Balance ~ Harmony~ Strength ~ Love for self and others
You may be thinking, how or where do we find the nourishment to even consider exploring all the multiple benefits to live life in Balance, Harmony, with Strength and Love? 
Yes, as in most situations, the where is staring us in the mirror, it begins with us! The how is beginning to believe again just how amazing, spectacular and lovely that person staring back in the mirror is! 
Recently a comment was made for the need to return to a positive center. Did you know that it is possible to do that as quickly as a flip of a switch? How? Good Question!
 Time for Me Now to suggest some general items for “Food for thought” for return to a positive center: 
Take Action by making a decision to move into balance, harmony, strength and love for self and when you do:
Begin and Strive to stay in the present - The Now. Remember that whatever has happened in the past is just that in the past- let it stay there (yes there may be items, issues or pain associated with the past that will need to be addressed, but do not allow this to keep you at this moment from saying- “No More negativity, no more why me, woe is me or no more self imposed picture of a victim”)
Quiet the Mind Chatter- (Ego) Yes, it is important what you say to yourself when the self-talk kicks in. Absolutely do not buy into self doubt! Replace I Can’t with I AM Able or I CAN! Silence the “What if” conversations, when it comes up respond with the question Seriously? Immediately followed by: I AM ________ or if more detail is needed here is an example:
"I know that the choice to love and care about others starts with the choice to love and care about me. So every day I make sure I like myself, love myself, respect myself, and treat myself great!"
(To learn more about self-talk check out Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s book “What do you say when you talk to yourself)
Release and Forgive Self- identify whatever is keeping you from thinking, doing and knowing with every breath that you are strong; you are worth loving and deserve to be happy in balance and harmony! If there are some things that you believe that specific to you need forgiveness or are being hard on yourself for, forgive you!
Taking Action is the key ingredient to all things, so whatever you want to change and if that change is to begin seeing self in a more positive, productive loving way, then decide to do it now and from this very second be aware of your commitment to opening up the lock that has sealed in so much for too long….

It's Time! Yep, Time for you now! So pick up that key, allow yourself to open your heart... open your heart to receive all that is good ~ beginning with Love for self! ♥ You are so deserving!  ♥ You are ENOUGH just for who you are!

" Love is the most incendiary element ever known, once it sparks the heart, the flame is inextinquishable"
H.S. Rissam

Double Stixs Book Series coming Soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Connection

This week I was totally overwhelmed by all the loving and beautiful birthday wishes from people all over the world.  My heart continues to be filled with so much appreciation for each person that took time from living life to connect with me!
One of the wishes included a photo from one of my father’s best friends as a teenager, Rob. This picture, which is shown above, is a panoramic view of a bridge connecting two areas that are significant for me. A very special thanks of gratitude to you Rob for sending that photo, so appreciate the view and symbolism.

To the left side of the bridge, with the buildings is the side of the river where up the hill my mother was born, raised and lived until she married my dad. To the right side of the bridge is the area that my father was born, raised and lived until he joined the Air Force. This bridge allowed for my father to travel across the river to school, where he met my mother.  The bridge connecting allowed for my parents to meet, marry and start a family. If that connection between the two sides of the river had not been made the probability of my existence decreased dramatically. Yes, I do have a greater appreciation for structural engineers!
Looking at the bridge connecting the two areas immediately reminded me of the power of connecting and the impact that a connection can bring to our lives and the lives of others moving forward.  

v  Connecting has a ripple effect which may be unconscious awareness, but each connection regardless of how small is important
v  Connections have the ability to further our goals or dreams
v  A Connection is infinite, once made the initial connection continues to multiple with endless possibilities and no limits or boundaries’.

A connection is an opportunity to share or receive compassion, love or support allowing the connection to expand the ripple effect to create infinite and powerful possibilities” Cindy Lake

Time for me now to remind each of us each connection is important, even though there is no immediate understanding as to the how, what, why or need for the connection.
Time for each of us to be mindful that there are no coincidences!

Here’s to a great week of Connections!

Photo courtesy of Rob T, Florida

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July ~ The Vision Revisted

July my favorite month of the year and all its thirty one days!
There are other months that I totally enjoy for various celebrations. Those would be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and family or friends special birthdays.  However for me July is the month that I get so excited when July 1 rolls around.  Flip that calendar and a sense of freedom and celebration begins.

So what does July have to do with Vision Boards?  First you may be asking what a Vision Boards is.  Perhaps you may call your board a Dream Board, Wish Board, Collage, Life Collage, Wisdom Collage, Treasure Map or Abundance Board.  A board where intention is set for upcoming goals dreams or desires using images representing the desire. Sometimes in my collage classes some people just want to pull out images that inspire them and build a collage interconnecting the images. When completed there is a board of beautiful images that have meaning only to the person who created the board. These boards are typically displayed in an area that can be viewed often for inspiration or reminder of activities needing action to reach a goal or accomplish something.
July is always a month I tend to really look at my vision board to get a sense of my progress for the first half of the year. I also look to see if something was accomplished to my satisfaction did that accomplishment have an impact on any of the other dreams or goals on the board. Some years reviewing my board there was not much progress so I would reaffirm my intentions and goals and begin anew! Visions, Dreams or Inspirations should be fluid rather than set in stone!

So the goals, intentions, dreams or desires that were brought to life in January how is that going? Not? Remember today is a new day and resetting is just a moment away, Go for It!!!

Time for me now to give support for all your Dreams to believe it to be and achieve all that You Desire!
ü  Sit and review your board or list of goals for the year~ Look at how far you’ve come!

ü  Celebrate the tasks, achievements or forward progress~

ü  Notice if one accomplishment connected to another dream, vision or goal~ you may be further along than originally thought

ü  Something not yet started? Now is the perfect time to begin to take one action step. A phone call, a visit, an email or an action that sets in motion the activation of achieving!

ü   Consider creating a board- it’s fun, entertaining and gives life to dreams and goals 

“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan… believe… act!”

Alfred A. Montapert