Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Interesting how words come in and out of our lives. Meander, hadn’t seen or heard that word for years until recently. As a little girl my mom would say “stop meandering and get moving”.  So I would step it up and run to catch up with her, never really asking the true meaning of what she meant. I just thought she wanted me to catch up with her, figured I was just moving too slow!
Actually I was taking the path of least resistance and exploring. Typically my Meandering was when we were out in shopping plazas, attempting to go around the adults that stopped in front of me or winding through the different entrances to the shops to quickly check out what was in the store and coming out a different doorway. To me, it was all perfect, fun and I got where I needed to be in about the same time as walking along with the crowd.
Recently on a walk by the river began to think about the contour of the path the river was flowing, the ease of which the water flowed up and over the rocks, around boulders in the way of flow, curving around the bank.  I stood for quite awhile just observing, listening to the soothing sounds of the water and getting into the rhythm of the flow. I enjoyed, being present in the moment, listening, observing and thinking about the ebbs and flow of life.  Wondering if we meandered more in our life how more freeing, how much smoother life could be to then allow us to be more present in the moment and enjoy family, life and others.
Rivers meander, as they flow along where there is least resistance; soft dirt is much easier to cut through than boulders or hard rock. When a river tends to meander it is a time to slow down.
So I took time for me to reflect on Meandering, Rivers and Life, I asked the question:
“What can I learn?”
Time for me now to share:
*      Each day lessons to be learned on life from nature when we are present in the moment.
*      Challenges? Obstacles? Not attaining a goal?
*      Stop and assess actions or situation
*      Continued resistance?  perhaps meander and find a different route to your goal
*      Each River has a distinct and different path but always ends up down stream
§  Why not try new ways, different techniques or collaborate with others 
§  Flow with events versus struggling to push; when running up against opposition or a huge boulder in  your part, go around and forge a new plan.
Why? Perhaps new learning’s, new experiences, and new results!  Interesting!
Remember all the possibilities of the people that will cross over your part of the new river flow that could have an impact on you, your life and opportunities for you!

Perhaps a little meandering is needed to create the beautiful life and dream that you desire…. 
Time for me now to wish you tons of fun, laughter and joy while learning to meander!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


“Memories are made in this moment, this minute, and this day “
This is a time giving thanks for those who are celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving.
I am a list person, so as I was making my grocery list of food items to purchase for the big day, thoughts of years past ran through my mind. The smells that flowed through my grandparents home when bolting through the door for the family gathering. The memories of both sets of grandparents sitting at the dinner table with all the children and grandchildren around the long table that extended into the living room. At the time didn’t realize that the table was a combination of dining room and cards tables put together. It was just Thanksgiving Dinner at grandmas. 
The memory was of delicious food, family and lots of dishes to wash!  “That’s right”, No dishwasher!
Time passes and grandparents then come to their children’s home for the holiday. The basic food items are the same, the turkey, dressing, deserts are the same. Did you notice I left out gravy? There is a real technique in making really fabulous turkey gravy!
The holiday is observed but tends to have a different flair! The dynamics are transitioning by adding a new dish here, time of dinner is changed, more or less people around the table, location changes. All part of the evolution of change, nothing wrong it is just different.
Then we become parents, aunts, the leaders of our family. Distance separates us, each of us have our own family and obligations. So what happens, stress in trying to recreate, frustration because the gravy wasn’t how you remember, what was to be 12 people turns out to be 4 because of other peoples obligations, can’t understand  why oh why it just can’t be – be as in picturing in our  minds as we remember or think it should be.
The picture is as it should be- the snapshot of now.
Memories are made in this moment, in this day each minute we create a memory for ourselves and for others, so release expectations and enjoy the moment.
Enjoy those around you, enjoy the food prepared, enjoy wherever you are doing whatever you are experiencing this holiday.  Celebrate your spirit, your colors knowing memories are in the moment!
Time for me now to wish you a spectacular holiday filled with blessings, joy and love!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This weekend was the yearly ritual of the “turning back the clock”!   There seems to be that there is a 50/50 split of those who enjoy the extra hour to those who would prefer time staying constant. I personally am in the category of constant, never really enjoyed turning the clock back.  
The symbolism of time, specifically turning the clock back, came rushing through every cell of my body this weekend!
My “little guy” Mitch and I rushed to the Veterinary Hospital Thursday, holding him he crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge”.  Saturday was the third anniversary of my father’s passing, seems like yesterday. Saturday evening learned that my precious Great-Uncle had passed that evening, he was 98 years young!
Time seemed to creep along beginning Thursday and then low and behold the day comes to turn the clock back an hour. Really, say it isn’t so….  This year, like all the rest, got through the time change no worse for the wear! 
Monday, picked myself up and took a walk in the mountains, something soothing and healing about walking with the wind blowing in your face. The wind, to me symbolizes cleansing, blew all around me as I walked and reflected on the past 5 days. Memories, acknowledging how fast time goes when we aren’t paying attention all ran through my head as I processed. Giving gratitude for Mitch, my dad and My Uncle giving thanks while grieving for my loss and those I love.  
For a moment, I did think, if I could turn back time or if I could have one more moment.  Ever think that about a time in your life?
An important lesson I learned from my dear friend, “embrace the wind”!   This day I embraced the wind as best I could and allowed the sadness and tears to be blown away.  What seemed like a moment in time, my sadness turned into a Celebration of the love, lessons and impact each had on my life and others.
Got to thinking, if we could turn back the hands of time:
*      What would we do differently?
*      What would we say differently?
*      Would our dreams be different?
As the Butterfly flutters near the hands of time, changing our actions our words and dream our dreams can impact our experience each moment of our lives..…. The past, the present and the eternal future!
“Time to me is essence of living life each moment to the fullest and I embrace each moment” cl
Dream, Believe and Achieve all that your Heart Desires!