Saturday, December 31, 2011


Everybody I talk to is ready to leave 2011, there is a vast of explanations as to the why and justifications for closing the chapter on this past year. So this informal survey got me thinking about 2011 as I prepare to ring in the New Year.
2011 was a year of shifting, changes, adjustments, relationship changes, searching, validation, sorrow, tears, laughter, relocation just to name a few of the topics that resonates with so many, including myself. Then some expressed fear or concern about 2012 being worse than 2011 from a business, financial or personal perspective. 

“If you change the way you look at things; the things you look at change”…. Wayne Dyer
Always have loved this quote, as it is so true!!! So I changed the way I personally looked at 2011 and here is what I found, perhaps this could be true for you as well.

Thank you 2011!!! Yes, Thank You!  For what, you may ask! 
Rearranging my foundation for the upcoming years to come!  
When I think of stability I think of 4, a table has four legs, a desk as four legs, a chair has four legs, a bed has four legs….. 4 is the number that the year 2011 totals. My changes was to look at 2011 as rearranging my foundation and perhaps repairing or changing out one of the 4 supports.

My foundation has been rearranged to look at this past year with appreciation and gratitude to remind me of what is truly important, to clear out the clutter, to focus my thinking and direction of what brings Joy. Learned various methods and venues for which to serve others, accomplish my goals and happiness and joy returned to my life.
Remember, when we are happy so are all the people around us and we attract more of what we are, what we think.  
“Thoughts become things- Chose the good ones” – Mike Dooley

The next few hours I will be giving appreciation and thanks for all things in 2011. I look forward to 2012 with excitement, hope, joy, love and anticipation of all new opportunities, new adventures and a Life filled with Fun and a new foundation with a Zest for Life!
Time for me now to wish for each of you in ’12 inspiration and strength for the upcoming year filled with all that you desire. Remember to Dream (Yes, you can never too old), Believe (I believe in you), Achieve (Yes, you can do it!!)!

I created the daily inspirational chips* for clients and a daily draw of inspiration for clients; I created an inspirational photo for all of you as to my wish for you to ring in the New Year!  Hope you enjoy it.
First “draw of the chip” Love – wishing you a year full of Love for yourself!

Love YOU- who you are and where you are as you have the ability to always rearrange your foundation!

Thanks to all of you for making a creative portal for inspirational messages, connection to tools and services that inspire and support living the life YOU want to live! I so appreciate each of you and am humbled for your support, comments and confidence. "Thank you"

Wishing you a Spectacular, fabulous, amazing, magical 2012:  “Happy New Year”
*registration and patent pending on inspiration chips

Saturday, December 24, 2011


The Children all nestled all snug in their beds while visions of ______________, danced in their heads...

Each of us has a child inside us; yes each of us, though sometimes we forget.

 So as a child what were your visions?

OK, let’s get all the stuff on the list: bicycle, electronics, dollhouse, board games,  iphone,etc.

So now that we remember what our visions were all snuggled and warm in our beds, let’s remember what our visions were for living! 

What a better time to begin to recall our visions during this magical time of year.

Christmas Magic and Celebration of a New Year!

Take a moment to really feel the atmosphere this weekend, to really listen to your heart. Embrace the magic of the evening with family, friends, pets and all the holiday scents.  Listen to the laughter; observe the smiles while interacting with loved ones all around. Feels really good right?

The magic of this season is that all things are possible, no matter what age, where we are in our lives or the circumstances.  Resurrect the magic from within, set your intentions, reactive your dreams, believe that all things are possible and take action. Celebrate the upcoming New Year with a new vision, a new dream, believing that you can achieve all that you desire! 

Time for me now to wish everyone:
 Merry Christmas, a very special Holiday Season and Celebrating You! 

 Celebrating You for all that you have accomplished in 2011- all the you dreamt to be possible, believing in yourself and for all the achievements you accomplished by Dreaming and Believing in YOU.
Here's to the Magic of the Season to ignite the spark for 2012!

Monday, December 19, 2011


Tis' the Season for all good things!  “That’s right”, this time of year tends to bring more warmth, joy, laughter, family activities, friends getting together and the feeling of love.
Love of now, love of yesteryear- the love of rituals, love of family, love of shopping, love of good food, love of gifts- giving and receiving. Just a plain ole good time of year that warms up the body and soul. 

Though all things might not be exactly as we wish, or the struggles seem to be so overwhelming. There is always a spark and glimmer of love within each of us. That spark is enough to make all things possible!
This week is the time for me to bring out the annual Christmas/Holiday Sweaters; you know the sweaters that you wouldn’t wear any other time, but this time of year feels so fun and right! Recently I heard that these sweaters are really not acceptable anymore. What? I really missed that news and fashion flash.

Rifling through the unpacked winter clothes, found my collection of sweaters! Yeah! Another year of sparkles and shimmering images jumping off my body! Bet the crowd can’t wait to see these again, really missing them I am sure!  OK, so which one to wear for the kick off evening? One by one I went through them and not one specific sweater felt right.  So I decided to just pick one when the “perfect” sweater appeared!   Laughing I picked it up and out loud said “Perfect” I love it…. So appropriate!!
See the sweater was worn by my mom for several years during the holidays! My mom loved Christmas, the tree, and family together and viewing the neighborhood house lights.

But more importantly my mom was pure love. Love for herself and love for everyone she would meet during the day all year long!
My mom’s message was always loud and clear throughout my life- Just believe- believe in you- believe all things work out- believe in love! The magic of this time of year is Love- for which all things can happen and are possible if we only “just believe”. 

So today I am wearing this very warm sweater by Brindar design, the image is above and says it all.

Mom, you are always right- I believed and all things are working out with love!
May the child inside all of us be allowed to shine, to know that all things are possible if we just believe!

Time for now to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
Remember ~~ Love who you are, as you are enough and Love Life!

P,S, Thanks Mom- "Merry Christmas"

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Stars are always in Season!
Tis the season!  
Symbolism's, rituals, baking, shopping and all that the holiday season represents to each of us individually has begun!  I absolutely love this time of year, the decorations, getting together with friends, family while enjoying good food, glass of wine and holiday movies!
One of my favorite things to do is drive through neighborhoods to admire the holiday lights on houses. The illumination can be so bright that there is no way to get lost, miss a street or neighborhood! 
The tree lights, lights on banisters or around the fireplace mantel all set the atmosphere and tone of warmth while providing safe passage from room to room
Stars- shimmering and shining so brightly on this crisp evening, standing on top of the bluff looking out over the night landscape no light is necessary. The night sky is clear and easily to see the constellations, this evening the sky is so thick with stars that it almost seems like there is no space from one star to another. 
Mesmerized by the beauty of the sky my mind was quiet; all I could image was what it would be like to grab a hug full of stars! Silly, yep, Childlike, absolutely!
Did you ever lie on the lawn at night and stare up at the stars and dream?  Did you ever have a bad day, a relationship gone bad or confused over life and found yourself looking up and gazing at the stars?  I know I have more times than I would like to recall.
The sky has always been a comfort and a source of strength. Seems like when an answer is needed or clarity of a situation, looking up and gazing at the stars always triggers a solution and the right direction.
Even if there is cloud cover, always reassured that the stars are always there, shining and giving the inner hope and reassurance that all things are possible.
Tis the Season of all possibilities, new dreams and old dreams resurrected, a time of warmth.  
Time for me now to suggest during this time of reflection and preparing for all new things in the upcoming year, Star Gaze! Wish upon that Star! Remember, the stars are constant, always there providing direction, light and the twinkle that all things are possible!!! 
Look up, Dream, Believe and Achieve all that You Desire!