Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Fulfillment

The phrase, "My cup runneth over", is one way to describe being Fulfilled!

Fulfillment is a deep inner feeling of satisfaction where all is well, an inner sense of peace and contentment. A feeling of pure joy and excitement!

This sense of fulfillment may be experienced after completing a phase in life, a project or a goal that has been completed. A Dream comes true!

Whatever is allowing you to be fulfilled and feel contented, Celebrate!

Celebrate the accomplishment, Celebrate the rewards, and Celebrate your life!

Pause for a moment and reflect on what brought you to this fulfilling moment.

Now, write down all the obstacles, the challenges, new learning’s, perhaps new people you met along the way to this moment. Take time to reflect on these experiences, perhaps write them down in your journal.

What did you learn? I imagine there was much learning on this journey than the end result. The lessons, new skills, obstacles and yes Fun along the way are our teachers of life to enrich and support our growth.

Fulfillment where to begin or expand the experience of fulfillment?

Giving of service or being kind to others who may need a kind word, a smile; volunteering or helping a neighbor; the ability to give to others freely results in our receiving of fulfillment.

Our inner self & spirit loves when we give and uplift others and the gift we receive is fulfillment!

“Planting a seed, setting a goal, dreaming a dream, taking that first step and continuing to put one foot in front of the other each day, is the incredible beautiful life experience of an overflowing vessel called fulfillment” CL

Excitement & Confidence flows through me as I experience all things that are woven along the path to Fulfillment!

 Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that you desire!