Wednesday, November 23, 2011


“Memories are made in this moment, this minute, and this day “
This is a time giving thanks for those who are celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving.
I am a list person, so as I was making my grocery list of food items to purchase for the big day, thoughts of years past ran through my mind. The smells that flowed through my grandparents home when bolting through the door for the family gathering. The memories of both sets of grandparents sitting at the dinner table with all the children and grandchildren around the long table that extended into the living room. At the time didn’t realize that the table was a combination of dining room and cards tables put together. It was just Thanksgiving Dinner at grandmas. 
The memory was of delicious food, family and lots of dishes to wash!  “That’s right”, No dishwasher!
Time passes and grandparents then come to their children’s home for the holiday. The basic food items are the same, the turkey, dressing, deserts are the same. Did you notice I left out gravy? There is a real technique in making really fabulous turkey gravy!
The holiday is observed but tends to have a different flair! The dynamics are transitioning by adding a new dish here, time of dinner is changed, more or less people around the table, location changes. All part of the evolution of change, nothing wrong it is just different.
Then we become parents, aunts, the leaders of our family. Distance separates us, each of us have our own family and obligations. So what happens, stress in trying to recreate, frustration because the gravy wasn’t how you remember, what was to be 12 people turns out to be 4 because of other peoples obligations, can’t understand  why oh why it just can’t be – be as in picturing in our  minds as we remember or think it should be.
The picture is as it should be- the snapshot of now.
Memories are made in this moment, in this day each minute we create a memory for ourselves and for others, so release expectations and enjoy the moment.
Enjoy those around you, enjoy the food prepared, enjoy wherever you are doing whatever you are experiencing this holiday.  Celebrate your spirit, your colors knowing memories are in the moment!
Time for me now to wish you a spectacular holiday filled with blessings, joy and love!