Thursday, December 8, 2011


Stars are always in Season!
Tis the season!  
Symbolism's, rituals, baking, shopping and all that the holiday season represents to each of us individually has begun!  I absolutely love this time of year, the decorations, getting together with friends, family while enjoying good food, glass of wine and holiday movies!
One of my favorite things to do is drive through neighborhoods to admire the holiday lights on houses. The illumination can be so bright that there is no way to get lost, miss a street or neighborhood! 
The tree lights, lights on banisters or around the fireplace mantel all set the atmosphere and tone of warmth while providing safe passage from room to room
Stars- shimmering and shining so brightly on this crisp evening, standing on top of the bluff looking out over the night landscape no light is necessary. The night sky is clear and easily to see the constellations, this evening the sky is so thick with stars that it almost seems like there is no space from one star to another. 
Mesmerized by the beauty of the sky my mind was quiet; all I could image was what it would be like to grab a hug full of stars! Silly, yep, Childlike, absolutely!
Did you ever lie on the lawn at night and stare up at the stars and dream?  Did you ever have a bad day, a relationship gone bad or confused over life and found yourself looking up and gazing at the stars?  I know I have more times than I would like to recall.
The sky has always been a comfort and a source of strength. Seems like when an answer is needed or clarity of a situation, looking up and gazing at the stars always triggers a solution and the right direction.
Even if there is cloud cover, always reassured that the stars are always there, shining and giving the inner hope and reassurance that all things are possible.
Tis the Season of all possibilities, new dreams and old dreams resurrected, a time of warmth.  
Time for me now to suggest during this time of reflection and preparing for all new things in the upcoming year, Star Gaze! Wish upon that Star! Remember, the stars are constant, always there providing direction, light and the twinkle that all things are possible!!! 
Look up, Dream, Believe and Achieve all that You Desire!