Saturday, December 24, 2011


The Children all nestled all snug in their beds while visions of ______________, danced in their heads...

Each of us has a child inside us; yes each of us, though sometimes we forget.

 So as a child what were your visions?

OK, let’s get all the stuff on the list: bicycle, electronics, dollhouse, board games,  iphone,etc.

So now that we remember what our visions were all snuggled and warm in our beds, let’s remember what our visions were for living! 

What a better time to begin to recall our visions during this magical time of year.

Christmas Magic and Celebration of a New Year!

Take a moment to really feel the atmosphere this weekend, to really listen to your heart. Embrace the magic of the evening with family, friends, pets and all the holiday scents.  Listen to the laughter; observe the smiles while interacting with loved ones all around. Feels really good right?

The magic of this season is that all things are possible, no matter what age, where we are in our lives or the circumstances.  Resurrect the magic from within, set your intentions, reactive your dreams, believe that all things are possible and take action. Celebrate the upcoming New Year with a new vision, a new dream, believing that you can achieve all that you desire! 

Time for me now to wish everyone:
 Merry Christmas, a very special Holiday Season and Celebrating You! 

 Celebrating You for all that you have accomplished in 2011- all the you dreamt to be possible, believing in yourself and for all the achievements you accomplished by Dreaming and Believing in YOU.
Here's to the Magic of the Season to ignite the spark for 2012!