Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Create the Gift

Creating the space to reflect our innermost visions of joy, beauty and gratitude. There is something about a beautiful space created by our visions. The Gift we create is just perfect, because it is our gift to ourselves. The gift of our experiences wrapped up into a memory to be opened by us.

Memories are such a gift to each of us, yes even the not so good memories.

Memories give us strength, make us smile, warm our hearts and for some a lesson or message intertwined. 

Who knew all those years of gatherings would become beautiful memories. The long drive in bad weather, heaps of dirty dishes to wash and dry. Food types as a kid not even interested in eating, sitting at the "kids" table. My joy is all of this and the delicious aroma of walking in from the cold and entering a home of various foods being cooked and the clanging of pots and pans being washed.

The years progress, and so do we! There may be new traditions, perhaps distance from family or no immediate family to celebrate blessings. The essence of Thanksgiving is a gathering to give thanks, gratitude and blessings for all things. Whatever Thanksgiving plans or no plans for some, stay presence in the moment. Each of us has something to give thanks for this season, so give thanks. Observe and soak in the days events, whatever is planned, as soon these times will become a wonderful memory. 

Some prefer not to participate in the holidays, perhaps too painful, no family members to be near or for other reasons. Respectful of those who chose to do so, but perhaps considering being thankful for you.

The Gift of life is such a blessing! Each day is an opportunity to change, redirect and make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. 

I have many many things to be grateful for and to give thanks this season. Today, I give gratitude and thanks to each of you:

For your time and trust visiting my site and providing comments on the positive impact

For supporting my dream and passion while writing and when Double Stixs™ was published

For those who have graciously brought Double Stixs™: The Nourishment and Gift of Change into your home and for taking time out of your lives to read and comment on the impact.

For allowing me to be supportive through coaching to enable dreams to be achieved through change and believing that the change is not to be feared but to be embraced and celebrated!

A special thanks to all who share my life, provide emotional support and encouragement and to all who have shared your life with me. 

Wishing Blessings, Joy and a Celebration of Life Creating our Gift of Living!