Tuesday, November 4, 2014

She "Believed" and She "Did"

The power of "Believing in Self" is so Inspirational! 

Many a stories have been written and filmed on the power of believing in something or someone.  
These stories motivate us, encourage us and enlighten us to all the possibilities of accomplishment. 
Many quotes that have inspired millions have come out of the desire to dig deep within and excel.

The most powerful is belief in self! Each of us are our own inspirational story ready to unfold to the power of accomplishment, success while inspiring others along our journey. 

Whatever it is that you may want to do, accomplish, try or create it doesn't have to be large or expansive, it can be subtle and meaningful only to you. 

There is power in beginnings combined with the strength of believing in self there is nothing that can not be accomplished! clake

Do you  have a bucket list?  It is a list of things to experience, visit or accomplish. I have one, I cross off and add to this list all the time, it is part of the fun of having the list! 

One of my bucket list items was to run a half marathon. I seriously believe this item was added twenty years ago or at least that is what I keep telling myself! Finally the time has come to cross this off  my list, so September I started training for the New Year's Eve marathon. Great idea right? Complete the item on the list in 2014 and start off the New Year with yet another item crossed off my list. Yes, it probably would have been a great idea but the organizers are doing a "Back to Back" combination  event.. New Year Eve Marathon and New Years Day 5K combo. Oh yes I did, I clicked the box and registered for this event. What was I thinking?  "I CAN do this" with some training, focus and a whole bunch of Epsom salts!

So how am I doing? I AM making progress! My criteria is simple: 

1. Enjoy the Event       2.Finish    3. Finish prior to the roads being opened

Looking through some files I came upon my race bib from the Steve Prefontaine 10K in Coos Bay, Oregon. Yes, that particular race was on my bucket list too! I remember when I heard Pre's death announced on the
evening news. Steve Prefontaine continues to be an inspiration and his quotes are still relevant.  

What is on your list or within that you would like to accomplish? What would you like to change? 

1. Identify   2. Believe  3. Take Action 

I so enjoy this quote, it transcends across all things for me this resonates on living life to the fullest!
To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.
Steve Prefontaine
Life is a gift, a gift that needs to be opened and enjoyed! Believe in "you" and Believe you CAN and make the changes necessary to enjoy life. Yes, change can be scary at times, but only if we stop believing in ourselves. 

Time for me now to remind you: You have made it to this point- Release any fears, Believe in You NOW and experience all the endless possibilities that life has to offer you!

" Here's to Living each day as The Best Day Ever"