Monday, October 19, 2015

Gathering the Pieces of the Puzzle of Life

I recently put a Jug on my hall table beside strips of paper and a pen. This is where I write

     " I AM Grateful for ______________________

The Gratitude jug is filling fast, as I AM grateful for so many things, yes, even the smallest of things.
Mediation is a great way to give gratitude as well, but for me, writing it down seems to bring it to life.
I wanted to expand the journal writing into something that I can see when walking past. When I walk past I am reminded of what is written and smile with gratitude.

The past few weeks as we entered into the back half of the year, I began to assess all the events, people, places and things that have gotten me to this place of Gratitude and Serenity.

Every person, Everyone I love in my life, adventures to amazing places have all contributed to the quality of my life. Did it come easy? Absolutely not!

Life is similar to a Zigzag puzzle, the pieces are all over the table and it is up to us to search, scope out what we think will fit into the space until we find the exact piece that fits exactly to create the puzzle. Sometimes the piece fits and other times the piece needs to be put back as it doesn't fit exactly. Forcing a piece never works, same in life.

Sometime people come into our lives and then they are gone. Our experience is perhaps exposure to new things, ideas or culture. Their time with us gave us the the opportunity to expand and learn what we needed to learn.

Traveling to new places can be quite the adventure. There we are able to experience new foods, entertainment, landscapes while meeting unique and amazing people with different lives. My travels, over the years, has taught me that fundamentally we are all gathering bits of the puzzle to enrich our lives.

Though people may come in and out of our lives, our location, jobs, activities may change. The experience and the memories will last a lifetime.

Imagine what the finished puzzle will look like, what future experiences, people, places and emotions do we want to fit perfectly into our finished product? The choice is ours and the excitement is the adventure of living life! Making each day "The Best Day Ever" and being grateful for all that is.

Here's to expanding our lives, creating new pieces for the puzzle, with gratitude for all things!

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