Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration- Self Discovery

Video games, electronics, many other devices are primarily mainstream entertainment. Once Upon a Time there were other activities,which some still enjoy, specifically puzzles. Remember getting the box off the shelf and dumping it out on the table. Turning over each piece to see the colors and then perhaps putting them in some sort of order. The only direction for creating the masterpiece, which now is just pieces of color, shapes and sizes on the table, is the image on the box!  Well, at least that was a beginning!

Self Discovery is very  much like creating a beautiful puzzle from various pieces; all pieces are separate from each other until we find exactly where the right piece belongs to connect yet another piece. The magnificent image on the box was always there, waiting to be created, it just needed some attention to become whole.

Each day that is lived, each experience, each adventure, each breath is a piece toward building the "Masterpiece of You"..  

There comes a time when each of us asks ourselves one of these questions:
Self ,is this all there is? Self, what is my purpose? Self, what am I doing? Self, how did I get here? Self, who am I really? The questions can go on depending on the situation and experiences in each of our lives.

Self Discovery started the moment each of us took our first breath of life. Each day we live life we discover and experience new and different things that begin to put the pieces together. Sometimes the pieces for connecting to our inner self were misplaced perhaps because of our careers, taking care of others, outside activities or just living life.

The amazing thing is that all the pieces to answer your questions are all within YOU! This is where you begin.

Find your passion, set your intention, keep a journal- write down your thoughts, detail your progress,  record your dreams. Engage in what brings you joy and passion- what makes you feel alive! Become more aware of people and things around you - never know what you may be missing that is right there in front of you.

Time For Me Now to remind you to get excited all the good things that you deserve and are able to experience and achieve for your life!

" Self Discovery is all our experiences, our heart and soul desires, identifying our intention and  take action to create" CL

Wishing you a fabulous adventure in connecting with all your heart and soul desires!