Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Cleanse

Cleansing may have many definitions specific to each individual: 
Personal hygiene, internal cleanse or expelling impurities.  Cleanse can be physical, mental or even spiritual. Cleansing also could mean clearing space.
For this purpose, Cleanse means to assess personal and social responsibilities, assess the people in your life, activities, observing your space and my most importantly your thoughts.
Circumstances may not be able to be changed so easily; we can certainly control our response!
I know I am at times; there is something so difficult in saying a two letter word:
After awhile, our responsibilities pile up, our frustration grows, what was once fun
and exciting becomes a chore, unfulfilling while adding stress into our lives.
So what do we do? How do we shift direction? Is it Possible?
Anything is possible- if you believe it can and you take action!
Begin by assessing what brings you joy, happiness, fulfillment.  Do more!
Are there activities that can be delegated?  Experiencing Commitment overload?  
Perhaps shift the perspective on the commitments and people in your life:
Who may I meet, what is possible to learn, what opportunities may appear; be excited !
If  no longer excited, perhaps it is time to consider a change!
Change is good and brings new experiences, people and opportunities.
Release, Breath and begin to fill your life with all that is good for you.
Visualize a waterfall cascading down to a lower pool, close your eyes and imagine being at the base of the fall, water rushing over you, removing all that is a burden or that is no longer working for you.  Breathe and find that scared space within you to allow your thoughts to release all that is not serving a purpose any longer.  Breathe and take in the air and feel the mist hitting your face reminding you that you are alive!
… When the cleansing is over, open your eyes! What a beautiful rainbow! A rainbow of hope, magnificent beauty and all the possibilities for you…..
Ah, the Majesty of releasing and cleansing what no longer belongs…..
Remember to be good to yourself, you don’t have to do it all yourself, Enjoy your life!
Do more and bring more of all the good you enjoy into your life!    You are so deserving!