Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration- Steady Progress

Spring has officially arrived! So how is the clearing out and focusing on Self Discovery going? Set any goals?

Steady progress or do you find the desire is within you but just seem to hit a road block?

Don't get discouraged!!

ALL of us start with good intentions, a plan and the desire to make changes in our lives. Whether personal goals and transitioning into the life desired or business goals. ALL of us have the ability to get off track. Life happens!

Good News: Focus on Now, Today and begin to move with steady progress!

Sports is a good analogy of Steady Progress... let's take football.  During kick-off, it is seldom that the receiver takes the ball all the way down 99 yards for a touchdown. Yes it does happen.
What typically  happens? The ball is received and steady progress to gain yardage is the objective to reach the goal of a touchdownl! During the process of reaching the goal of achievement the ball is turned over but that doesn't mean that steady progress, focus and desire is gone. On the contrary the focus becomes more prominent.

Yes, there may be times when "going out of bounds" keeps us from our progress. There are many reasons for "going out of bounds" and getting off track. That is OK!

Don't look back- begin today and start fresh to self discovery, your goals or what your soul/heart desire is to achieve in your life.

Here are some Inspirational thoughts:
  • Do not be discouraged if results are not fully achieved right now.
  • The goals or Self Discovery process will happen when the time is right- stay focused
  • Have patience and love for yourself
  • Learn to enjoy each day and the progress that you have been achieving
  • Stay aware each day as there are many gifts that can be received to support us in our progress
  • Breath, Enjoy each day, Laugh, Let Go and remember to write down the progress

I move toward living the life that I desire through steady progress knowing I will complete all that I desire.

Time for Me Now to commend each of you for desiring living a life that "you want to live".... 

I look forward to connecting with you soon!