Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration: Introspect

Self Examination is probably one of the hardest things to do and yet it is so important for each of us to take time to assess exactly what is going on with and inside ourselves.
Feel out of balance and not in control? Stressed, overworked or in conflict with life’s events?
Introspection can be a place to regain the balance, the control over our lives, as well as taking time to manifest dreams, set goals. Introspection can also be a time for giving gratitude and appreciation for all good things in our lives. 
The past couple of years, especially the four months of this year, have been so exciting, so fulfilling but yet so all consuming in all areas of my life. I consciously am aware of staying in balance, exercise, being healthy as well as quieting my mind; I was “walking my coach talk”.  My desire was to strengthen my energy, get even more grounded and balanced as well as expand the goals for the remainder of the year.
I realized that to accomplish what I needed to achieve, I needed a change of revenue and definitely not in my office, my personal space or my outside landscape. A retreat was definitely the solution.
My question was the how, when, where this retreat would take place. Was it possible to be able to do?
 So I used the Dream Incubation technique to determine what was best for me and then let it go.  The message came in the form of large majestic Red Rocks.
When having dinner with a good friend, discussion of “getting away” and the reference of Sedona, AZ  resulted in putting a plan into motion. My experience and belief is, when something is right, all the pieces of the plan fall into place with little or no resistance. Time is available, resources become available and all things just work out usually much better than the expectation!  Even had my dear friend join me!
My introspection showed me that replenishing, restoring and taking time for me was the solution!
Red Rocks, hiking, hiking and hiking more, getting back to nature, sitting by the falls, being quiet, appreciating the animals, observing the majestic beauty of the desert was such a blessed retreat! I gained all that I needed and more-
My dream and desire for you is to take time to look inside, listen to what you hear your body, your mind, your soul is saying to you. Take some time to find your balance so that you may achieve all that you desire!
 Dream, Believe Again and Achieve all that you Desire!