Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Courage

Lesson from a Courageous Squirrel!

Recently, I was walking on the trail and came upon this little guy. I stopped to observe as he was munching and I didn’t want to scare him. Immediately I was found out and this little guy stopped dead in his actions.
Yes, I always walk with my camera, as I never know when I may stumble on the magnificence and beauty of nature!  This day was special as I was so close and did not require using a telescopic lens. So you can get a sense of how close I actually was to the moment.
My body was standing as still as possible while trying to figure out how I don’t scare him away. Then I realized he was trying to figure out my next move. As I was watching him I centered and attempted to put off a safe energy, letting him know that I was friend not foe! Check out his eyes, like watching from peripheral, saying " I see you"!
I bent down to be able to get a photo shot of him, as I raised my camera he flinched for a moment and then looked straight ahead- thus the shot…. I stood up observing him and wondering what in the world he must think about this big thing encroaching on his space, I interrupted his lunch!

As I left Mr. Squirrel, I turned to see if he ran off, he was still in his space continuing munching his lunch. I was thinking about how brave he was to stand his ground and not run away. I am sure that his little heart was beating and the survival skills kicked in but he still held his ground.
Time for me now to assess my experience with Mr. Fearless, yes I named Mr. Squirrel!
Courage is what came to mind, didn’t mean that he wasn’t afraid, but he had the strength to stay grounded, assess the situation and the result was he was safe and able to continue on his path.
Each of us is presented with new fears, circumstances or new situations that stirs up fear or causes us to feel hopeless. That is normal and does not mean that we aren’t brave or courageous; it is how we respond to those feelings. 

Acknowledge the feelings and then:

*      Stay grounded

*      Assess the entire scope of the situation, and then

*      Determine next steps; Take Action

*      Action Empowers, makes us Stronger, New Lessons & Experiences

*      YOU are Courageous

Courage is not the absence of fear or despair, but the strength to conquer them. (Anon)