Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time for Me Now Inspiration ~ Confusion

Is it the upcoming transition from summer to fall?   Perhaps it is the Full Moon?
 What is with all the swirling confusion going on lately?  Do you feel it or have friends that are in a state of confusion?  Do you have questions on transition, recent events or what should I do next?
Enough already, right?  My recent experiences have demonstrated that there is a lot of energy swirling out there that is having an impact on so many people.  The impact of our indecision and confusion can lead to the emotions of feeling anxiety and stress.  Who enjoys those feelings? I certainly don’t, how about you?
The symbolism that came to mind was of the dragonfly. The confusion state or concern over making a decision or determining next steps tends to invoke a sense of distrust within ourselves.  A sense that we don’t have the answers when we actually do! Sometimes the answer is buried so far deep because of the confusion of outside influences or the need to please others. STOP!!! TAKE A DEEP BREATH!! LET IT GO….
First, you do have the answer, that’s right! Trust yourself, take the situation, problem or question, and write it down on paper. Walk away, do something fun or just do something to get your body moving and vibration higher. Then when you are ready walk back and take a look at what you have written.
What is the first answer to the question that comes up?  There it is, it is that simple……. Ahhh, but no you say it can’t be because blah blah blah…. I get it!! I really do, I use to be a huge processor from way back.  If I do this, then here are all the scenarios of outcome, if I don’t then blah blah blah, you get it. 
Yes, it is always good to invoke due diligence however once all facts are in play, it is what your “gut”, your heart, your intuition speaks to you- the answer is right in the center of your soul – trust you!
Back to the dragonfly! The message of the dragonfly is that there is a deeper message coming to the surface, to pay attention to what outcome we want to have. The dragonfly symbolism is: Strength, Peace and Harmony….. 

Time for me now to wish you Strength, Peace and Harmony!