Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Foundation

September is my month to celebrate! Celebrate the ringing in of so many fun things to do, experience, transitions and set new opportunities in motion! Giving Gratitude and appreciation for the past 8 months!
Take a look at the yearly calendar, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec are on the bottom. My perspective is these months are the foundation of what has been put into place all the previous months.
September is the leader of the four months of my foundation to propel into the New Year!
So what have you been planning, working on? What seeds have you planted and nurtured over the past eight months? Fall is a time to harvest, to reap and to have FUN!
Assess where you are in your plan, make any adjustments that you might need and then enjoy! The rewards of hard work and tending to the plan have probably already begun to come into your life. Give Gratitude and continue with the forward progress to set in motion even more amazing results!
Sept is also a fun time of year and has many exciting and wonderful attributes!
*      Kids go back to school, Parents have more flexibility
*      College- transition from high school to new beginnings; Families adjust to the new dynamics
*      Adults going back to college- adjusting schedules to balance home, family and classes
*      Weather is a little crisper in the mornings and evenings; The feel and smell of change is in the air
*      Football!! Pee-Wee, High School, College, NFL- the excitement of hearing bands, watching the athletic ability of a child or cheering on the local small town team. Active discussions on who will win the Super bowl, whose team is #1
*      Communities come together- local festivities, local sporting events, charity runs
*      Apples, its the season!  Apples are in season- pick your own, festivities, hayrides, apple pie
September is exciting on so many levels! Fun family time, me time and time to transition into completing what was has been put into motion.
Enjoy the first day of foundation, the support of all things in our lives now and yet coming!
Breath in that crisp air, fill your lungs with all things possible and exhale all that is done or not needed!
Time for me now to wish you a fabulous Sept 1.
May your day be exhilarating, fun and the start of a great month receiving the harvest of all your efforts!
“This day strengthens my foundation for all things achieved and for future desires of achievement”. CL