Wednesday, February 22, 2012


“The Silence ends when the Light and Warmth Shines from within” cl
Silence is golden!  Silence is so appreciated after a long day at work and taking care of the kids. Silence is so appreciated after attending a conference or training session where someone was speaking to you for hours on end. Silence is golden when meditating or praying, the silence and peace that transcends through and around you. Silence and a feeling of calm, all is good.
Silence is also good after listening to a spouse or loved on pontificate on something that you have absolutely no interest in or could care less but you did listen. Silence is good when sinking down into a nice warm bath to relax and release the events of the day.  Silence is also good when taking a walk and looking at the landscape around you and enjoying the warmth of the sun on your face; the absence for the first time in months after the winter chill. There are many more examples of embracing Silence and all the benefits that Silence has to offer each of us.
February 14th is a special day for many, Valentine’s Day!. This is a day of showing love, appreciation and being with “you”, the person that is the “love of your life” or the family that is the “love of your life”.  Yes that special someone or family, isn’t that the ultimate goal? Isn’t that why each of us sets out on the dating scene to find that one person who lights up our world?
I could go on as to expectations, disappointments, real meaning behind the quest to find a valentine, but I won’t as Silence is the focus. So you may be asking yourself at this point, where is this going?
My experience this February 14th brought me to sheer silence at my table. My husband was working out of town so I was not with my special valentine! Fortunately I have friends who were also running solo that day so we celebrated as a team! What did I observe that brought me silent?
The restaurant was full to capacity! Looking around the restaurant I observed table after table of folks sitting in the booths or tables and not interacting. At first I thought I caught them in a down moment of talking, so yes I began to stare! These tables were filled with individuals that were not engaged in conversation or each other, they were sharing space and some tables sharing food. Conversation? Not so much! First few tables were not even looking at each other; they were looking down at their plate the entire time they ate.
I actually thought about looking to see if a sign was present saying" Silence while dining"
Now, I have seen this for years, as a matter of fact, my husband and I call them “The Dining Dead”… But Silence on Valentine’s Day?  What’s up with that? I am sure that there are explanations, excuses and circumstances for what was observed that evening.  There is no judgment, just observation.
What happens through the years to become Silent with those that were once the “love of our life” or Silence within ourselves.
Sit for ten minutes and contemplate the reasons for Silence when Silence shouldn’t be.  
Make three columns
 1. Write down those reasons or why for Silence
 2. Next to what you have written in the second column  put Yes if this can be changed or NO, if not.
 3. If Yes, in third column put steps to change Silence into Communication;
     If no , I am sure you know the next steps for you or what activities or topics that need to be incorporated or eliminated in order to get communication flowing.
Remember " You" are radiant, full of life and are Amazing! Reignite the Light and Sparkle!