Tuesday, February 14, 2012


 “You".... Love "You", Dream for "You" Live for “You" as a beautiful rose opens up and the fragrance fills your world "You" will attract others and open to receive beautiful petals of love! ♥ ♥
As in anything, it all starts from within and with You!

Holidays, especially involving being with a special someone, can be very sad and discouraging.
I know, as I spent many years watching others celebrate! At times, totally spaced out that a day
when couples were celebrating their love for each other could impact me!

Typically I would be reminded when trying to get a table at a restaurant. No reservation this evening, no table available. Sorry! We can accommodate you tomorrow evening!
I vividly remember two things that immediately came to mind:

1.      Tomorrow? Seriously? OK, so what am I suppose to do for dinner this evening?

2.      Wouldn’t a nice prepared romantic dinner at home together or for your special someone be more loving and creative – cook dinner for the other?  
The good news is I was able to laugh it off and figure out another solution. This typically resulted in me cooking dinner for “Me”. You know what? Somehow it worked out better and I got to wear really comfy clothes!

Time for me now to share something I learned a long time ago: YOU are love! YOU hold the beauty within as each rose holds the beauty in each petal that opens up to a full bloom! YOU too will bloom to be what you want to be, have and hold!
So today if you are celebrating a singular YOU or if YOU are away from your special love, like I am today, pause for a moment. Celebrate YOU!  Celebrate your beauty, your magnificent self!

Take a moment and write down 10 things that YOU love about yourself! Celebrate those 10 things!
Remind yourself that these ten items are just the beginning of blooming to all new beginnings for You!

Wishing each of YOU a fabulous day full of love, compassion and excitement for YOU...