Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sparkling Love

When this picture was originally posted, I immediately was drawn. The innocence of the little girl, reminds me that no matter what age, there is always a child inside waiting to be allowed to come out. A part of us that needs to be held, comforted and loved just as when we were a child.
The facial expression, the opening of the arms, the energy projection of peace while opening up and accepting all things. As if to say, hello I am here! I accept! I love unconditionally!

The stars in the distance and the sparkling twinkling lights close surrounding her body reminded me of beautiful sparkling energy full of life!
One of my favorite connections is stargazing! Lying down on the ground or sitting outside, even in the winter, looking up at the majestic sky looking at all the stars. Feeling connected to something larger than myself. The overwhelming sense of energy expansion!

The peace of knowing that energy never leaves, it never dies. The energy continues to surround us with sparkling and shimmering light reflecting on each of us, reminds us that we are never alone!

So when I miss those very special loved ones that have passed on, I spend even more time looking up, feeling the magic of the stars and the light. Feeling connected to an energy far larger than words can describe. This is where my soul and spirit gets replenished and gains the strength to sparkle again.

Many blessings and much love to each of us who have experienced loss. Tonight while stargazing will send you love, comfort and may you be surrounded by the energy of Sparkling Love.

To the wonderfully creative person who created this beautiful image that is so powerful, please contact me through this site so that I can properly give you all the credit. Thank you.