Wednesday, March 7, 2012


March has so many fun facets, events and experiences all beautifully positioned into thirty one days!
Today was one of those magical days of March when I ask myself, really?  What did I wake up to?
Snow Flurries or affectionately called when growing up, “Spitting Snow”.   
Pouring my coffee I did seem to recall that Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow!
The past couple of days have been spoiled with high sixty degree temperatures which were preceded by a week of snow and ice. Experiencing the warmth, blazing sun and beautiful blue skies preparing for the official ringing in of spring and Daylight Savings Time was so welcomed the past few days.
Quickly adjusted that today was going to be another fabulous day just with more layers to keep me warm!
I got to thinking about “Spitting Snow” and Punxsutawney Phil, Daylight Savings Time and began to remember all the sayings I learned growing up and events that occur in the month of March. So I thought I would share some of them here today!

Fun Phrases and March Flurries:
·         Punxsutawney Phil’s February 2ND predictions soon to be realized?  6 more weeks of winter!
      ·         March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb
      ·         A dry March and a wet May ~ fill barns and bays with corn and hay.
      ·         As it rains in March so it rains in June.
      ·         March winds and April showers ~ bring forth May flowers.
      ·         Daylight Savings Time – March 11Th
      ·         St. Patrick’s Day
      ·         Good Friday, Easter (this year Good Friday is April 6 and Easter is April 8)
             but often in March.
      ·         College Basketball Tournament- known as March Madness
      ·         My Mom’s Birthday!
      ·         Spring Break
      ·         And many more
So here’s to March Flurries where it is weather related, activities, events or celebrations! 
Time for me now to remind everyone: 
“Spring Forward”   
Turn clocks forward one hour on March 11Th!
 Do you have a special phrase that is particular to you, your family or location?
 I’d love to hear from you!
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