Friday, March 9, 2012

Leaping with Happiness

Remember to turn Clocks forward 1 hour!
“Losing to Gain So Much”
Yeah!!! Leaping with happiness for an additional hour of sunshine!

I so look forward to turning the clocks forward one hour each year! This day has been so exciting for me since I was a little girl; at least one thing hasn’t changed since that time!
Most of my family and friends just shake their head as to how excited I get on this day! Once their heads stop shaking then the question of “Why” usually follows by the comment, you  are losing an hour!
I don’t see or feel like I am losing anything, I feel like I am gaining so much!
So I thought I’d list all the reasons why I get so excited each year during Daylight Savings Time.
·         Days preceding the ritual begin to get longer and I can feel it!
·         Shakes me up in a good way- new beginnings
·         The air smells fresh, energy levels raised and the extra daylight allows me to enjoy being outside
·         Spring is around the corner~ another new beginning ~ new blossom ~ burst of color and beauty!
·         Fling open the closet doors and de-clutter- there is more time to do this!
·         More energy, clearer focus and seeing all the innate possibilities
·         Forward is a positive movement
·         Energy level is higher and sustained throughout the day
·         Obstacles- what obstacles- feel like doing the “Happy Dance”
·         Birds, trees and all living things seem to know that it’s their time
·         “Shiver me timbers” phrase of winter is about to be put on the shelf
·         Goodnight- Sweet Dreams time is much later now
There just a few of my examples of why I just adore and love daylight savings time!
I don’t feel like I am losing anything rather gaining a whole lot of good things for me to enjoy! 
Imagine if we took each of our setbacks and viewed them as not losing much but gaining so much from the experience what all the possibilities of success are there for us!
To those who do not enjoy Daylight Savings Time grab an extra Latte and make it a great day!