Friday, April 13, 2012

Time For You Now!

Kicking back knowing that the snow storm pelting down will soon be in the past!
While kicking back I reminded myself warm weather, blue skies and soft ocean breezes will soon be here!

As the weather patterns change, so do the chapters of our lives. The wind blows, the rain falls, the snow swirls and the leaves disconnect allow new buds to bloom.

So how is the upcoming chapter evolving?   
Today my desire is to have you kick back, relax and take in all the good things in your life.
Yes, despite everything and all things that are part of our lives there are many things to celebrate!

Take this weekend to rest, recharge, replenish, have FUN and Take Time for You Now!
Celebrate the seeds you have planted, the tending to the soil over the past few months and now waiting for the spring rains and sunshine to produce all the you have desired and dreamed for yourself!

Celebrate the glorious, beautiful and Magnificent YOU!!