Friday, April 6, 2012


Walking around the store I couldn’t help notice all the beautiful and vibrant colors in the floral department. Purple, Yellow, Peach, Blue, Green and combinations of purple/white could go on forever with the combinations and the beautiful arrangements.
The vibrant colors seemed to jump right out to me! The colors all grouped together in various sizes and shapes bringing such beauty to the area made me feel so alive!
Once I pulled myself from the area, yes I did look back over my shoulder; began to associate the vibrant colors to my strong reaction to their beauty…..
Colorful reminder that Life can be beautiful!
Many reminders beginning last evening of all the opportunities to have a life we desire to live!

Tonight (Friday) is Full Moon, an opportunity to begin fresh, a new beginning, and new goals with opportunity swirling all around us.
Spring- just began a couple of weeks ago- the beginning of new growth! Fresh, warmth, colorful and all things awakening from the hibernation of winter
For those who celebrate Easter Holiday- Holiday weekend- Good Friday, Easter Sunday, great food, family and festivities. Once again new beginning with new opportunities
The vibrant colors reminded me that we are all here to experience and to LIVE life.  Perhaps nature’s way of reminding us to lighten up, have some fun, enjoy ourselves!
Each day is a new day, a new opportunity to seize the opportunity to alter or make changes that allow you to live life that way that feels right.  
Opportunities are all around each of us every day, have you seen one?

Colors are the smiles of nature. Leigh Hunt
Here’s to new beginnings with amazing opportunities ahead reminding us each day to color the world with smiles, happiness and celebrate Us!