Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Return to Retro

Recently there have been many postings of pictures on a social media site asking who remembers what the image is in the photo. The images are of items as far back as three generations. It is really fun to look at the comments on these photos, especially from those who have no idea what the items could possibly be. For me, these items trigger laughter, memories and a connection back to childhood. Then I began to think just how functional these items really were and could be today!  Who remembers the aluminum glasses with pitcher? My grandparents had them and can remember how cold the beverages would be, and in the summer the beads of condensation sweat coming down the sides. Great glasses for milkshakes!
I must select the worst models of refrigerators with automatic ice cube makers. Each one has had issues; either the ice bunches up and creates one large ice ball or gets jammed! So the function of the metal ice cube trays is really appealing to me. Stack a few up in the freezer and makes perfect ice cubes each time! The benefits for me are ice cubes without hassle and can also be used for freezing !

Whisks are great, have you noticed when whisking eggs it seems that they just aren’t aerated perfectly? Old fashion egg beaters are still the best for eggs and whipped cream; I was so excited to find that there is a more modern beater, parts come apart and is dishwasher safe. I find that it also gives a great upper arm work out to tighten up the wobbly wave skin.
Potato Masher that make the best mashed potatoes, smooth but with just the right amount of chunks in the potatoes. The mixers do an excellent job of smooth and creamy but If you want a small reflection back of childhood dining experiences, the masher is the master! The benefits are taste but also a nice arm work out, hold in those ab muscles and tighten the core.

A big treat for us growing up was making homemade ice cream! Especially during berry season nothing like homemade strawberry ice cream! Such memories and the fresh taste is phenomenal! The benefits are the family takes turns hand turning the crank,  family time, make the hand cranking a challenge, who can crank the handle the most times before stopping! The cranking is also a form of exercise which makes the guilt of eating this delicious desert disappear!  Yes, there are the automatic makers that work just fine, but there is something about the family hanging around and engaged together is creating such a treat! A definite memory maker!
The smell of fresh towels and sheets hung outside to dry is a memory that never goes away and is always tried to be recapture with the dryer sheets. I don’t know about you, but no matter how many different brands I try the exact feel and smell of being dried outside is never captured. The clothesline and clothes pins are no longer the norm and probably the majority of us are not able to even consider putting up a clothesline! However if you can it might be nice to alternate using a dryer and also hanging the sheets and towels outside. The benefits are the sweet, clean smell and feel of the sheets, reduce electric or gas usage and yes working that body. Bending down, throwing the sheets over the line, placing the clothes pin on. When time to fold, engage the kids or spouse to fold and make it a fun activity.  My new home search now has a wish list of no Homeowners association and the space and ability to put up a clothesline, even if just a small line, it will be so worth the search.

Memory Lane sometimes doesn’t have to altogether lost, the functionality of some items do have the capability of being incorporated into our everyday lives. The benefits for us are the memories, introducing kids to another way while telling "good ole day stories" while still accomplishing what needs to get done!

Time for me now to go fill up my ice cube tray and remind everyone, these items are still available, some even brand new. A family outing or a day of exploration could also be to check out yard sales, estate sales or moving sales, an adventure to search out treasures! Make it Fun!