Friday, July 20, 2012

Double Stixs™ ~ You hold the Key~ Now Open the Lock

So what is Double Stixs ? A snapshot answer to this question can be found in the 1/11/12 blog posting titled Double Sticks.  Double Stixsthe symbolisms, the connections have been associated with me since my conception so many years ago. The most recent evolution is the spelling of Stixs. This change has been brewing over time and finally decided to “flow with the sense of change”.
 For me Double Stixs is a way to strive to live life fearlessly, fully, compassionately, lovingly and productively. The Symbolism of Double Stixsis a pair of Chopsticks, as when perfecting the use of chop sticks, what happens? Yes, we are able to eat and eating provides nourishment, and nourishment is necessary for life and growth! 
Growth is necessary for expansion of self and for our mission, vision and values for our life and business to grow!
 So Double Stixs in a nutshell has been a system with multiple components for living my life in:

v  Balance ~ Harmony~ Strength ~ Love for self and others
You may be thinking, how or where do we find the nourishment to even consider exploring all the multiple benefits to live life in Balance, Harmony, with Strength and Love? 
Yes, as in most situations, the where is staring us in the mirror, it begins with us! The how is beginning to believe again just how amazing, spectacular and lovely that person staring back in the mirror is! 
Recently a comment was made for the need to return to a positive center. Did you know that it is possible to do that as quickly as a flip of a switch? How? Good Question!
 Time for Me Now to suggest some general items for “Food for thought” for return to a positive center: 
Take Action by making a decision to move into balance, harmony, strength and love for self and when you do:
Begin and Strive to stay in the present - The Now. Remember that whatever has happened in the past is just that in the past- let it stay there (yes there may be items, issues or pain associated with the past that will need to be addressed, but do not allow this to keep you at this moment from saying- “No More negativity, no more why me, woe is me or no more self imposed picture of a victim”)
Quiet the Mind Chatter- (Ego) Yes, it is important what you say to yourself when the self-talk kicks in. Absolutely do not buy into self doubt! Replace I Can’t with I AM Able or I CAN! Silence the “What if” conversations, when it comes up respond with the question Seriously? Immediately followed by: I AM ________ or if more detail is needed here is an example:
"I know that the choice to love and care about others starts with the choice to love and care about me. So every day I make sure I like myself, love myself, respect myself, and treat myself great!"
(To learn more about self-talk check out Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s book “What do you say when you talk to yourself)
Release and Forgive Self- identify whatever is keeping you from thinking, doing and knowing with every breath that you are strong; you are worth loving and deserve to be happy in balance and harmony! If there are some things that you believe that specific to you need forgiveness or are being hard on yourself for, forgive you!
Taking Action is the key ingredient to all things, so whatever you want to change and if that change is to begin seeing self in a more positive, productive loving way, then decide to do it now and from this very second be aware of your commitment to opening up the lock that has sealed in so much for too long….

It's Time! Yep, Time for you now! So pick up that key, allow yourself to open your heart... open your heart to receive all that is good ~ beginning with Love for self! ♥ You are so deserving!  ♥ You are ENOUGH just for who you are!

" Love is the most incendiary element ever known, once it sparks the heart, the flame is inextinquishable"
H.S. Rissam

Double Stixs Book Series coming Soon!