Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July ~ The Vision Revisted

July my favorite month of the year and all its thirty one days!
There are other months that I totally enjoy for various celebrations. Those would be Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and family or friends special birthdays.  However for me July is the month that I get so excited when July 1 rolls around.  Flip that calendar and a sense of freedom and celebration begins.

So what does July have to do with Vision Boards?  First you may be asking what a Vision Boards is.  Perhaps you may call your board a Dream Board, Wish Board, Collage, Life Collage, Wisdom Collage, Treasure Map or Abundance Board.  A board where intention is set for upcoming goals dreams or desires using images representing the desire. Sometimes in my collage classes some people just want to pull out images that inspire them and build a collage interconnecting the images. When completed there is a board of beautiful images that have meaning only to the person who created the board. These boards are typically displayed in an area that can be viewed often for inspiration or reminder of activities needing action to reach a goal or accomplish something.
July is always a month I tend to really look at my vision board to get a sense of my progress for the first half of the year. I also look to see if something was accomplished to my satisfaction did that accomplishment have an impact on any of the other dreams or goals on the board. Some years reviewing my board there was not much progress so I would reaffirm my intentions and goals and begin anew! Visions, Dreams or Inspirations should be fluid rather than set in stone!

So the goals, intentions, dreams or desires that were brought to life in January how is that going? Not? Remember today is a new day and resetting is just a moment away, Go for It!!!

Time for me now to give support for all your Dreams to believe it to be and achieve all that You Desire!
ü  Sit and review your board or list of goals for the year~ Look at how far you’ve come!

ü  Celebrate the tasks, achievements or forward progress~

ü  Notice if one accomplishment connected to another dream, vision or goal~ you may be further along than originally thought

ü  Something not yet started? Now is the perfect time to begin to take one action step. A phone call, a visit, an email or an action that sets in motion the activation of achieving!

ü   Consider creating a board- it’s fun, entertaining and gives life to dreams and goals 

“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan… believe… act!”

Alfred A. Montapert