Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Connection

This week I was totally overwhelmed by all the loving and beautiful birthday wishes from people all over the world.  My heart continues to be filled with so much appreciation for each person that took time from living life to connect with me!
One of the wishes included a photo from one of my father’s best friends as a teenager, Rob. This picture, which is shown above, is a panoramic view of a bridge connecting two areas that are significant for me. A very special thanks of gratitude to you Rob for sending that photo, so appreciate the view and symbolism.

To the left side of the bridge, with the buildings is the side of the river where up the hill my mother was born, raised and lived until she married my dad. To the right side of the bridge is the area that my father was born, raised and lived until he joined the Air Force. This bridge allowed for my father to travel across the river to school, where he met my mother.  The bridge connecting allowed for my parents to meet, marry and start a family. If that connection between the two sides of the river had not been made the probability of my existence decreased dramatically. Yes, I do have a greater appreciation for structural engineers!
Looking at the bridge connecting the two areas immediately reminded me of the power of connecting and the impact that a connection can bring to our lives and the lives of others moving forward.  

v  Connecting has a ripple effect which may be unconscious awareness, but each connection regardless of how small is important
v  Connections have the ability to further our goals or dreams
v  A Connection is infinite, once made the initial connection continues to multiple with endless possibilities and no limits or boundaries’.

A connection is an opportunity to share or receive compassion, love or support allowing the connection to expand the ripple effect to create infinite and powerful possibilities” Cindy Lake

Time for me now to remind each of us each connection is important, even though there is no immediate understanding as to the how, what, why or need for the connection.
Time for each of us to be mindful that there are no coincidences!

Here’s to a great week of Connections!

Photo courtesy of Rob T, Florida