Sunday, September 22, 2013

Beautiful Colors!

Waking up this morning was not sure as to what the sunrise would bring to me. Marti, my 19 week puppy, was sure as to what time it was for him! Together we ventured downstairs and out into the morning air. Crisp, fresh with a few remaining starts twinkling down upon us.

Sitting on the glider mesmerized by the stars and waiting for Marti to return back to the patio. The thought of what today was according to the calendar... The first day of Autumn!

So what does Autumn mean for you? Perhaps.......
A break of Summer scorching temperatures
The unveiling of beautiful colors
The full swing of school activities
Breaking out the comfort foods
The list can continue on given we each of our own associations with each season.
For me, Autumn is most of the above associations but Autumn also means to me gratitude, new beginnings and celebrations.
Autumn is a time of harvest~ reaping rewards for all the seeds that have been planted! The fall harvest, our intentions being realized, celebrating all that has been given and received so far this year. A new season and a time of celebrating all that once was, that which is now, while looking forward to the upcoming holiday seasons!
Today, I just wanted to stop in to wish each of you the best on this first day of Autumn! May the upcoming weeks and months bring to you all you deserve and may you be open to receive! 
May abundance flow in and around you with the beauty of color and inspiration!