Wednesday, September 18, 2013

" Once Upon A Time"

"Once Upon A Time"!

Though this phrase is mainly used to begin children's stories, decided to begin this series with the phrase. There are many elements of self in the symbolism and after all this is a story, with inspirational stories, chapter exercises and resources. A story written so each reader feels like they are sitting in a room having a conversation with a good friend, family member or a coach!

Each of us has our own beginning from our first memory that can be recalled and our life story continues to evolve over the decades, but there is always a beginning! 

A Boulder Moment blog earlier this month gave insight as to how the subtitle: "The Nourishment and Gift of Change". My desire is to share the significances and symbolism's for an understanding.

Moving forward now to the title of the book which is the foundation for the program.

Double Stixs™-   - More than a Name or two Words!
Once Upon ATime when I was a child growing up in Western Pennsylvania in a very small town my playground for myself and my brother was the woods. The woods was our playground and for me my sanctuary. A place that came to be my connection to adventure and to just play while exploring. The woods, to me, was peaceful full of colors in the fall and a place where I could allow my imagination to create. All the creations of forts, Tarzan scenes and adventures began at base camp. Base camp was an area surrounding this very large maple tree on the only flat surface on one side of the hill. The base around the tree was barren with only dirt and rocks visible.
Traveling from base camp there were rocks, boulders, fallen tree trunks and inclines that required climbing over, under or trekking up an embankment. It was the embankments that always got me. I needed help to keep my balance. One day I decided to explore to find two sticks strong enough to use to help me climb up up up. I found not only planting them up in front did I get that extra ease in climbing but kept balanced. So the two sticks were always part of the adventure, even using them to balance walking along the tree trunks near the creek. Imagine my excitement when the image on my book jacket was found! Never in a million years did I ever imagine this image would be found, but ooh la la there was this precious image after many weeks of searching! 
Throughout my life being in balance and even numbers have always been part of who I am. Dancing I do this funny thing with both index fingers and there are other symbolism's that relate to sticks and balance. When needing my sticks, hand me my sticks didn't work, so I would say, "Hey please hand me my Double Sticks! These two sticks were special to me, I didn't just want two ordinary sticks!
The name just stuck and resonated with me! For the book decided to change up the spelling of Stixs, why? The "x" connects in the middle making two while evenly balanced!
The "Once Upon A Time" for Double Stixs™!!!  
 Double Stixs™: Balance with Control   "The Nourishment and Gifts of Change"*
There you have it, the story behind the Title and Subtitle for Double Stixs™: "The Nourishment and Gifts of Change". Additional stories that connect the symbolism's and synchronicity can be found throughout the book.
The Resource section contains complementary audios of inspiration, please feel free to download. A monthly newsletter is preparing to go live soon, please sign up to receive monthly. Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments, I so enjoy hearing from you!

Here's to living life in balance with confidence, control and fearlessly!!

* A Boulder Moment, Sept 5th blog details the birth of the subtitle: "The Nourishment and Gifts of Change