Friday, November 1, 2013

The Cover

Continuation of insights of Double Stixs™

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do. ~Jean de la Bruyere 

Recently during a book reading I was asked how I came about to select the image on the book cover.
For those who have worked on a project or published a book, the image can be a challenge.

Double Stixs™  theme is maintaining harmony and balance through life changes. The inspirational stories and examples in some of the chapters come from my childhood. A childhood that was spent playing games and creating imaginary locations such as western forts in the woods behind our home.  These years were fun, creative while doing what came to mind immediately not hesitating for a moment of any repercussions. Sure sliding down a muddy hill did get the attention of my mom when my clothes were a mess. Oh well, was my general mental response never once saying that out loud! I knew better! The point being, when looking back at our lives, the greatest sense of freedom and exploration was when we were children.  My sense was to pull from that time period and bring into "now" to support the release of fear of change.  The image of a young girl, representing a period of time in my life that was carefree, fun without fear. As a child we live in "the now" not worrying about yesterday or what in the world is going to happen tomorrow, next week yet alone next year!

Life was an adventure with UNLIMITED possibilities
The search was on to find "the right" image to convey balance with a child demonstrating no fear and with full confidence. Yes there were hundreds of images to review and over time my excitement was slowly turning to disappointment. I did not want to settle yet I just knew there was the right image(s) that could be used to convey my inspiration and message. Finally I had a discussion with my art director and Stephanie really listened to my vision. A few days later she directed me to a specific place, within a short period of time, there she was!

Goosebumps all over! Buried in the last few pages was the image that was configured and is now the book jacket cover! A fallen down tree trunk (like I use to walk during play), a little girl walking confidently balancing with two sticks (story in the book) in the woods. Once the configuration and the final book cover jacket was approved, I jumped out of my writing chair, did a happy dance while repeating YES! Arms up in the air and happily celebrating! Yes, I allowed my adult self to celebrate and my inner child surfaced with giggling and tears of joy! The words were now alive and ready.

Time for me now to remind myself and each of us: " Allow for our authentic self to rise to the surface", enjoy "the now", each day and each event in that day.

Tomorrow will come but today will go to never be enjoyed again. Cindy Lake