Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Question Asked and A Question Answered!

Gosh it is so wonderful to be back connected to each of you! I certainly have missed our connections.
Thank you to everyone who still stopped in to say hello or to check out any potential new postings. My heart is overjoyed and I am extremely grateful always for your love and support.

For those who have read my book, there is a line, in the About The Author, that says “Currently resides in Northern Nevada that is, until the next adventure!”  Take a guess as to how long until this change and new adventure presented itself.  Total of 38 days, then the adventure began to unfold and action taken six days later! A whirlwind, yes! A change, oh yes! The whirlwind and change has been all good and necessary to stay on my path and the journey of my amazing and loving life.
I know the suspense is getting great, you really want to know what has been going on right?

Memories are made in each moment of time and activities. The past six months is exactly what I have been doing! Life’s transitions and change of a new state, new home, new car, new day job and new puppy have inserted amazing new changes while creating a new world for me.
These changes have expanded, enhanced and brought new adventures and opportunities into my life.  Yes, I am truly blessed and grateful to each and every change that I have experienced over the last six months.  The biggest blessing has been the opportunity to live close to my brother and to interact and make new memories with my sister-in-love and my nephews! Who could imagine the joy of attending baseball or basketball games, school events or just having a sleep over playing dominions!

Yes, huge changes but by following these opportunities and making the changes necessary have all enriched my life beyond the written word. During these six months I spent time just enjoying and transitioning each day while allowing for the balance and inspiration to determine next steps.
The memories I have been creating here with family will one day be the memories to those who have been part of my change. Memories that form, inspire, invoke emotions while giving gratitude for the time together.

Each action and time that is spent becomes a memory in that moment! The acknowledgement section and Chapter 1 of Double Stixs™: The Nourishment and Gift of Change are just those moments. It really is impossible to acknowledge all who have been part of each of my memories in a few pages. Those amazing individuals captured in print are those with direct participation or have been part of my journey of inspiration for Double Stixs ™.

  • Are there any memories you would like to make but can’t seem to make the change?
Should you answer “yes” , get into a quite space and return to Chapter 6.

Next time together I will be adding additional remarks relating to Chapter 6!
Meanwhile Remember this: