Friday, July 18, 2014

Innocence, Changes and The Journey!

To everyone who read and sent comments or questions on the last post on Gratitude and Appreciation, a huge Universe of thanks! I appreciate the sharing of your gratitude! There was one question which has sat with me all week that I thought might support others,

Question: Can I still give gratitude for all the bad things done or experienced in my life?
Answer: Yes! Absolutely! Today is a great day to begin, if ready!

The picture above is the beginning of my earliest memories. Yes, awhile back let's just say!
This was a time of innocence, each of us has this point in time. From this point until now there have been many changes and quite the journey for me and for you, right?

I am sure most if not all have experienced, hardships, lost loves, betrayal, untimely loved ones passing over, careers soaring and then crashing, disappointments, missed opportunities, health issues, just to name the biggies. These have been my experiences which were changes from a particular point in time. Changes that needed to be navigated through to get me back on that smooth paved road!

All of these untimely life events, no matter what they may be are part of the journey, mine and yours! What would a journey or trip be without some unknown event to get our attention. Attention for lessons to be learned and in some cases lessons for others to learn.

Gratitude and Appreciation is a piece within the journey; at some point there is an awakening or acknowledgement that becomes an aha moment. Reflection is a power tool that helps to heal, gives the opportunity for forgiveness to ourselves and others. During the time of reflection there may be another aha where if that particular occurrence had not happened you would not be where you are today or be with the person you are today; or better yet- would not have become the person you are today!

Today, looking at my picture of many years ago, I reflected on all the years that has brought me to this day, my birthday! What a ride! What an amazing magnificent journey! The lessons I have learned, the experience over the years, the incredible people who have come into and then moved on their journey, and the opportunities presented to me, I am so grateful! Would I have wished for easier times at certain stages, you betcha! But then I would have missed something along the way...

I AM Grateful for the transitioning out of Innocence into all of life's Changes and for an amazing Journey! May the journey continue in this amazing gift called Life!

When ready:

Reflect over each stage of your life
Write down each change that brought impact
Next to it or under: Write what lessons you may have received
When done, on a clean sheet of paper take each ocurrence and write: I AM grateful for _______
When completed keep the I AM grateful sheet of paper and dispose of the exercise page.
May all these lessons and future lessons bring you happiness, joy and a life filled with opportunity and amazing adventures!