Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Psst! The Answer Rocks!

Do you follow your intuition, better know to some as "gut feeling" ?  Have you found in listening that there tends be an amazing outcome or experience? This has been the case for myself over my life.

Sunday I decided to go to the Arboretum to spend the day amongst beautiful plants and flowers. A day just to be surrounded by beauty and perhaps get an idea or two for my back yard.

Leaving one of the pond areas , I began to walk away, when all of a sudden my intuition pinged. Turning around I looked at the pond from a different angle and observed the beauty in the photo at the top. Interesting enough, I had noticed this budding beauty. Evidently I had not noticed it enough! This time upon observing I noticed this beautiful glowing yellow center. The way the sun was reflecting down, the intensity of the yellow seemed to magnify the closer I observed.

Why is this significant? My heart absorbed the message my brain was sending to me.
Light and Love ALWAYS resides in our core!

This was such a beautiful reminder that sometimes we need to pause, turn around and see all things from a different perspective! Living life sometimes hides our passions! Sometimes our light and love is covered in layers that does not allow us to be present in the moment. To smile at a stranger or to bring a positive energy or perspective to our every day living. 

The beauty of the light and love is that it is always within us, to be allowed to blossom and shine!

May in this moment you peel back the layers or open up to let your light and Love shine brightly!

The positive projections will positively impact others and you will receive many blessings that enrich your life!