Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Sun Shiny Day in the "Oasis"

Sitting in the back yard after a long day, decompressing from activities and events, I began to smile.

Having a space that is soothing, relaxing and easy on the eyes is important to rejuvenate and recharge. My backyard is just that place for me. Flower beds to the right and left with trees on the back fence.
A bird feeder being constantly visited by cardinals and a bird bath for their enjoyment. The seating area is setup for great conversations and enjoying the flowering of the plants in the yard as well as all around the seating area. The sound of flowing water from the fountain is both visually appealing and mentally relaxing. Listening to the water flowing is soothing and invites anyone in the area to just take a deep breath and enjoy!

Today I sat in a different seat and saw things from a different perspective. The blue sky with just the right amount of clouds floating by and the American Flag swaying in the gentle breeze. Perfect timing as tomorrow the US celebrates the 4th of July!

All the days activities and stress released got to thinking just how profound changing one small routine got my mental wheels in motion.

Creatures of habit most of us are, routine and staying in comfort zone is what most of us all do best.

Something as simple as changing a seat on the back patio can shift both experience and comfort.

What small gesture can you do to mix up a routine?
When a small change has been made what did you observe?
Taking small steps of change would you be open to doing this once a week, once a day ?
(ex: go left instead of right; use the right burner instead of left; let someone else drive and be in control; make the call instead of waiting )

All great accomplishments start with simple adjustments and taking one step at a time, it's a process.

The celebration of the 4th of July is a reminder to all that we are free to choose the life we wish to live.
Allow your inner strength, your inner beauty along with all the experience in life to allow for reaching for the sky - reaching for those dreams!

Find a place that is your "Oasis" and enjoy the simplistic rejuvenation of all that is important: