Monday, February 7, 2011

Time For Me Now Inspiration - Simple and FUN!

Keep It Simple and FUN!!
I still laugh when I think back to an earlier time in my career.
My career was a blessing, but I was most definitely not taking Time for ME.
Looking back, I am ok with that part of my life; My journey brought me to:  Time for Me Now!
Each of us, including myself needed to experience what I call the hamster rotation.
What is a hamster rotation?  I describe it as continual motion exerting energy in an effort to reach goal(s) set by someone other than ourselves in an effort to gain all that we think we want to achieve or attain.
Sound or feel familiar?
Simple and Fun was my motto and management style. Yes, professionalism and “attaining” the goals was first and foremost but given the time spent at work and away from family and loved ones, my belief was and still is let’s make it Simple and Fun…. AND get the job done!
Yes, my approach raised a lot of eyebrows but as long as the team was achieving results ~ “All was well”
I have had the pleasure and honor of leading many teams over my career meeting incredible individuals.
Simple and FUN brought some amazing results for the team and for the company….
What in the world does this have to do with a website on Dreams and Coaching, you may ask!
Simple one word answer: Everything.
My coaching and support on Time for me Now is a little different than most coaching sites but not different from my approach to Life.    
Simple and FUN!
Everyone begins a journey or seeking change- One Step at a time- so why not One Word at a time?
Inspiration is important, so each week I will be focusing on “one word” that can be practiced or reflected upon during the week.
The intent is to support your desire to shift perspective or just plain start to enjoy breathing again!
My desire is for you to “Dream, Believe Again and Achieve”all that YOU desire…….